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Monday, November 1, 2010

when skills are deteriorating..

29 oct 2o1o

and i got sick of doing my 1.1m questS..
so i decided to..

wooolalal !
yeaps. i show-handed my gold, Lols !
hmmm, 130cards x 4 500gold = 585 000gold
might not be alot to some rich players out there.. but thats what i got @@
oh well, not exactly all. i kept afew gold in there..for emergency use when i need to click that little heart, you see. =x

ultra shiokness, seriously.. !!
i have never done this before..
one should try when you are suddenly feeling rich.. ahhahas!

ok, i will do my 1.1m quest.
i promise.
*cross my heart.

awww, my fairy godmother..
when are you helping me clear all my 1.1m quest..?

31 oct 2o1o

Happy Halloweeennn !!

Dead Ball Event was held.

Round after rounds after round..

oooh, my carcar and dwlqn joined the Event.
&they made it to the semifinals and finals and WON !!
*throws confetti!*

super happy ;D

thanks shapig for inviting me in.. &also dwlqn !

oooh, andand !

my beloved managed to dance with gM !
throughout all the rounds !

lols, lucky girl.

&it was now, then i realise..
my ss skills has deteriotated..
spammed my ss throughout the few rounds..

but i couldnt get a nice ss in the end.

i tried my best to filter out.. some.. still okok ones..

first song (i think), that gM danced with beloved.

followed by dwlqn and carcar !

their sweet mode damn chio. seriously.
i am tempted to get all my 4k &8k sweet moves !

zoomed in of Cursed clowns.
yeaps, i set my view as rotating.. thats the best view i got.

the round that was veryyyy close in the scores.

damn scaryyyy.

but who cares anyway..
because Cursed Clowns Won !!
wheeee ~ !

&the day i last saw my tiny little wenjing

because daddy and mummy decided to transform her since her bar maxed..
&pooof !

my little wenjing is now a grownup.
smexy little girl in her bikini.
awww, my little wenjing, you will still be my little wenjing, no matter how big you have grown..
*feeds candy !

♥ Dodo missed you at 6:07 PM.

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