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Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday 蓝蓝

Time check: 1020pm

Just another routined Monday.. Well, Maybe not.
Things didnt turn out routined at work today..

When hiccups occurs, you just wished things will turn out the same like every other day..
When things turn out to be the same, you just wished something different had happened.. In a good way, obviously?
As the saying.. the grass is always greener at the other side..

today's EQ reached to the pit bottom.
Cannot go pit pit pit any further.. =.=
totally GG i tell you..
shant elaborate. neither do i wish to tell you anything.

Everyone, or maybe quite a handful of people, wore red to work.. Including meeee!! XD Such a coincidence. I guess it is to ward off the blue-ness during Mondays.. SO we decided to wear white tomorrow.. Very random i know.. But. Well, at least something to look forward to..

Anyway. That ah peh of mine is sleeping earlier each day. Only 1028pm and zhou gong dragged him to bed. =C Healthy lifestyle wor.. 早睡早起身体好~ ahhhhh.. Maybe i should too.. =C

Results coming out le.. Early Sept..
Mixed feelings ba.. i dont like to get back results.. but i want to get back results, face the music once and for all.. but then.. i dont want to face the reality.. but then.. aiya @@

Means i am ending work!! Total Yayness!! ^100000
Means i am going back to sch!! Yay and Not-so-yay!! =X

Sigh. I go off to bed le..
Goodie nights everyone..

Cya in my dreams, mrwest!

♥ Dodo missed you at 10:18 PM.

Friday, August 21, 2009

HoHoHo !

i logged in.. and got a shock of my life ..!

christmas ar?? Season of giving??
i didnt count how many did she send.. but very cute lo she.. one time send me so many minispeaker XD talk until my mouth rot.. ahahhhhahahs..

but anyway, thanks yoyeo!~

and.. Ghost festival come le.. Everyone take care wor~
Be good.. Dont go home too late =P

dodo miss 心肝宝贝 =C

♥ Dodo missed you at 12:53 AM.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

So Funnnn~

18 aug 2009

Now i know why mrwest says that he feels that tuzi loves dodo in real life..
Cos she is sucha babe!!! ~

*heart heart melt liao*

19 aug 2009

steps was very very very.. extremely laggy..

luckily cano and chunchun were experiencing it too.. if not i will most probably complain and make a big fuss out of the slow speed again..

went to whipser GM.. to ask if it was the server or something.. but there was no reply.. dodo 1st time whisper GM wor.. like that treat me.. =C

o.o so mrwest and i went over msn to play.. was playing webcam with mrwest initially..

then we started to play with the msn games..

1. tictactoe.. played a few rounds.. but no win no lose.. all games Draw ^^

2. scissors paper stone..
initially west was winning de.. =C

but soon after he started losing!!! muaahhahahahahs!
see la! next time must humble, you know?

3. reversi.. that loser lose tic tac toe.. change my game =C

see ar!! the 2nd last sentence!!!
you see for yourself.. i dont have to say anything ok..

and then soon after...
kns! just now say he pro de.. make me so scared lo!!
in the end i also win mah..

the results:

ahahhahaas.. actually he did not lose that much la.. just a few more only..

ps.. cos i kept getting disconnected.. then didnt ss all the games.. so only managed to ss the last game.. but the last game is sufficent to prove something..

mrwest, you need to 加油哦~ ahahahahhas! XD

♥ Dodo missed you at 11:55 PM.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

As Requested By Tuzi~

Actually not really my fault.. When i have something to post, blogger sot sot, make me cant post. When my mind is in total blankness.. When i have forgotten what i wanted to blog initially.. When i do not have anything in mind, which is like NOW, blogger is back to normal..

XD ok la.. excuses ba. it is just the pure laziness in me that is reacting..
it just works so miraculously.. at the appropriate timing..

wait ar.. i shall see what i have done since 9Aug..

9 Aug 2009

National day la. I got post la..
But i forgot what pictures i wanted to post.. =X

ok.. i think i found it. that day i only took 1 ss..
which is this.. .. .. . ..

slow reaction again lo.. you see you see!! where is my biscuit!!!
stupid mr west.. eat so fast.. no more liao la..

10 Aug 2009

Dodo met up with MrEvil MrsEvil BabyEvil Tuzi BabyAini Sjb AhBoi !!!

you can ask me wash toilet.. emo at a corner.. stone at the sofa.. enjoy the ambience.. sit there and keep quiet.. whatever and whatever.. i all dont mind de.. cham lo.. of all places they go sing k.. .. . . . i dont sing one la.. so 我的第一次就献给了他们 =.= 1st time stepping into k.. 1st time holding the mic and literally s-i-n-g.. *the mic actually quite heavy eh? knock people's head confirm die.*

so thanks mrevil, i got nothing specific to thank leh. ok.. maybe for entertaining all of us~
so thanks mrsevil, baby very cute!!! but i dare not carry.. abit fragile.. next time i should buy the CAUTION: FRAGILE! sticker.. then paste on baby XD
so thanks babyevil. for sleeping throughout the whole date.. and waking up at about 10pm or so.. then back to sleep again..
so thanks tuzi, for singing with meeeeeee!!!
so thanks babyaini, for asking me "you know who am i??" after like 2.5hours later
so thanks sjb, er. i dont think i spoke to you personally?? hurhur..
so thanks ahboi, for sharing the crackers.. helping me eat the peanuts..

the day started so sucky..

but these precious friends of mine made my day..!

conclusion: i enjoyed myself C=

11 Aug 2009

hmm. no game today. rot in game.. msn with west.

i thought that day would be dodo's last day on Earth..

but anyway, thanks to mr west.. for being there.. for giving me a solution (eh, though the solution was thought by me.. he merely supported it nia)... well, at least i know someone is behind me in whatever the decision that i have made..

**let's just cross our fingers and hope that i have made the right choice.**

12 Aug 2009

Firstly Elaine!! I have something to show you!!!

Lady Gaga @Singapore Fort Canning Park !!!

Ok.. nothing exciting as i dont really know her.. Only her Pookkkkerr Face~

Perseid meteor showers heading your way
hmm.. it did pour.. but i didnt know it was meteor showers..
oh well, now i know.

on half day today.. freaking tired.. but i just wanted to get a life.. so i headed down to town..
initially i wanted to watch UP..

UP - Proudly brought to you by Walts Disney

This super fat Scouts boy is damn cute la!!

And the ah peh.. reminds me of mr.. w.. *cough cough*


but then the timings.. zzZZzz. too bad. ended up i started strolling aimlessly at orchard..
i fell in love with that purple adidas jacket!!! omg!! but then.. aiya. *having 2nd thoughts*

Okie dookie.. Done! Finally.

wan an my love!

♥ Dodo missed you at 8:54 PM.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

9 Aug 2009

Happy Birthday my beloved country x33

Anyway, blogger sotsot again.
I cant post pictures
Boring ~

10 aug 10 aug 10 aug 10 aug 10 aug 10 aug 10 aug 10 aug 10 aug 10 aug

♥ Dodo missed you at 10:11 PM.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Handsome west ~

1 Aug 2009

I've got something to show you ^^

That's my handsome Mr west ~

That's Ms Dodo
aka Me la.. =P

And since i had 100rcoins left.. So i decided to just try my luck.. And bought a lucky coupon!

I swear it's damn scary.. I waited for 1min or so.. Looking at the above screen.. Waiting for it to have some reaction..

Then.. I realise...

I have to click on the 开始 !!!
Damn malu =.=
I just wasted 1min of my youth looking at that damn thing..

Anyway, i clicked the 开始。。。
And it started to spin!~

And i got the 5th prize.. Thanks wor.. Still so nice to wish me Happy New Year T.T
Anyway.. It is Dazzling Speaker.. So i gave it to west since he uses them..

Tmr west will log in le ^^
Hope he likes the clothes ba C=

2 Aug 2009

Sigh.. At work lo.. Sian.

Luckily mr west is online to entertain me ^^
So i managed to ebuddy him for the whole noon..

Xiexie west~ Sorry for disturbing you while you are watching your show XD

3 Aug 2009

That's our 全家福 ~

this week on noon shift again.. come home already 三更半夜。ok la.. 10+pm.. also very late what! then west next day got to work. cant possibly ask him wait for me also =C

I promise i will tender my resignation soon.

Dodo miss you =C

♥ Dodo missed you at 12:44 AM.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Where did you go?

Finally can blog le lo!! These few days blogger keep having glitches.. Then i cant post.. =(
Anyway.. Updates!

24 July 2009

Got a new map.. Some cheena room settings..
Heh.. Was feeling damn bored.. So i logged in west acc again XD
Soon after west came.. Was playing around.. Then i decided to...

Throw him in!!!
Karma karma.. then nowadays.. west keep wanting to throw me in liao.. =X
Revenge liao lo.. Tsk!

26 July 2009

That's Dodo, west and Kylie.. My 妹 ..
Damn funny la.. She was asking if she can call me 姐 since i am older.. Then mr west happily just "sure.. can call me 姐夫"
i never say anything lo =_______________=

27 July 2009

*rub eyes* ya.. it's a bed lo.. dont ask me why lo..
crazy.. =.=
tired liao go home sleep la! waste space =X
我没有吃不到葡萄说葡萄酸hor! as in really mahh.. put the bed down there.. so zhor deng..

28 July 2009

west not online again wor =C
hand itchy.. so i went to do his quest =P
and i managed to complete his 45perf quest!!
ahahhahahs! so happy C=

and i made him sit on Gudu.. cos Gudu naughty =D

29 July 2009

Yay!! Got quest le!!
and and it's 饼干!!

Happy like hell.. Wait till west online.. Then can give him le =P

31 July 2009

Rotting in room..
Mr west say 10pm will come back de.. now.. already... 2.36am 1Aug liao..
Bluff me so early go bathe lo.. then he never come back.. watch tv and got eaten up by zheng zi..

Mummy scolding le.. ZzZZz.
Go sleep liao =X

west, goodie nights C=

♥ Dodo missed you at 1:16 AM.

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