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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


i got a secret to tell you..

I Seriously Hate You ! (:
Damn it. For Real.

Dont understand what your management team or marketing team or whatsoever team is thinking.. &actually came up with this freaking smart idea..

May i know why are the Newbies getting soooo many freebiesss from quests??
Yes, &i mean questS ! Because its not only one, but two three four five blahblah !
Entice new players...?

Hmm.. Ok, then what about your old players.. Whom had been with you since closed beta.. Tolerated all your shyt bugs your shyt management your shyt rollbacks your shyt blahblah..
Ya, you regarded them as shyt too.. &forgotten about them i guess.

Simple quest.. &they get to enjoy the skateboards..
Thanks man. Old player play coupons like siao.. Dumped in so many money..
To sponsor.. these newbies? To sponsor.. your awesome idea?

Why not making it 7days for everyone...?
Why only special for them..?
Yeaps, its for 7days only.
But still.. ...?!

Existing players made an attempt to log in.. &do their quest faithfully..
Collect &collect &collect.. Exchange &exchange &exchange..
Hey, appreciate their effort in making these "limited edition" items !

&now, you are giving them free..?!
for some 100k score..? 1min of mama song gao dim, tsk.
ok, fine. 30days vs 365days. but.. ... ... ?!

Not trying to say you cant give..
But maybe.. Continuous.. Like 1 quest collect cloth, 1 quest collect wood, blahblah.
Idiot lo. Just one easy quest, they got the umbrella that existing players collect until siao de..
I still have alot of random remaining of blue pink purple white cloths la ! No wood no wood !!

Wait, thats not all !
You gave them free rcoins items !
For 9o days !

Plus the whole set of clothings !!
&i dont know if its pure coincidence.. Or its fixed at white..
The whole suit i opened was white ! No random ugly colours..

oooh, the hair is rcoins..
the shoe should be gold..
the rest i cant be bothered to find it in mall..

Ps, your fashion taste.. Has room for improvement..
Oh well, i just dont like the pants..

&you shall see.. what you gave us in the past !
then you know what i mean..

yahh, some chao tar foundation !!
Make me like from Bollywood !
if i remember correctly.. its 30days.

&some obiang long hoodie top. also 30days.
ok.. it looks fine actually. the sucky thing is that the colour is randomed !!
luckily mine was blue.. or else.. .. ZzzZzz.

Thats it !!
This is what you gave the newbies in the past..
&newbies today are enjoying so many things..

You dont even bother about the old players..
Those who went throught thick &thin with you..
Cross river destroy bridge, tsk.

So conclusion, i dont like you.

♥ Dodo missed you at 11:47 AM.

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