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Thursday, April 30, 2009


Sob. Dodo did not see west today =C These few days never hear from him saying that he wont be online or anything lehhh..

Is he busy? Or did something cropped up? At work? At home? Or an alien abducted him? =C

As usual, finished my quest and stoned at lobby.. Was getting late le. So I decided to log off and not wait anymore.. Before leaving, Cano told me west wont be online till next week?? For a second, I heaved a sigh of relieve...? west is fine.. just that he is busy.. Dodo can now 安心的睡了 ~

west, 你吓死 Dodo 了!

♥ Dodo missed you at 10:58 PM.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Sweetie Pie

Tired ar!!!!
This time came home.. did nothing and really pigged till 8pm+
And I forgot to cook dinner =/ Luckily daddy packed dinner home.

Played with west awhile.. Dual and Show..
Hee.. I got something to say..

Zupid very cute!!!! C=

It is not that I am biased towards Zupid or anything.. But.. Really!!! Zupid is much more active than GuDu.. I also dont know why. Even west realised that too! Ahahahhas.. =D

west, thanks for giving me Zupid! I promise to take good care of her C=

♥ Dodo missed you at 8:47 PM.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Feel the Stress Level

26 apr 2009

Today is a very long day. Many things happened. I was doing my revision.. So I did not know what exactly happened in Fanatic. Then I was on msn with west..

Hmm, to cut the long story short, I quitted Fanatic.

Mixed feelings, I would say.
Imagine my contributions [(40 000/1 000) x 4 500] 180 000 gold!!!
That is like how many games.. =C
Sigh, it's ok. west say he has loads of money =P and I can always earn again.

But anyway, Evil set up a new club. And invited me~
Damn efficient!

Er, then Kyo and sasa quitted Fanatic. So now Fanatic is left without a Chairman. Dont really know about the details.. So I shall not comment much x.x

I am just glad that everyone in Evil 世界 is happy C=
Reunion. Just play. It is just a game.
So enjoy!! ~

My friends, hang on there and we will pull through.. We will walk on together and not leave anyone behind C=

27 apr 2009

I am left with only approximately 14 days to my finals.


As usual, night time is dedicated to west. But somehow, today I didnt have the mood. So many things keep twirling in my bird brain.

And my mood affected my playing.
And my playing affected west.
And west mood got affected.
And west's mood affected his playing. =.=

Ended up west *poof* 不见了 =C
Msn him for awhile.. Luckily he came back after my 苦口婆心 persuasion.. =P Wahhh.. If not ar, I really dont know what to do le.. At least his return made my day (or rather night). Happy ending ^^

Back to game, chit chat abit with tuzi and Mrs..
Played a few rounds to help yueqing..
And off to bed..

west, dont leave Dodo alone, please?

♥ Dodo missed you at 11:37 PM.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Our Memorable Moment

We got our FIRST 21 charms!! *heart heart*

Hee.. This is the highest record we had till date. C=
Happy Sha La La La~

Our first time getting so much..
21 charms!!! You know what that means????! It means 21 charms!!!

We played awhile then west got to leave for airport.. I went to install Steps in Jie's lappy.. =/ And bought it over to ah ma's house..

About 9pm+.. west is back!! =DD
Played a few duals, then he got to go off for dinner..

west, welcome back!~ C=

♥ Dodo missed you at 11:40 PM.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Life Still Goes On

22 apr 2009
1st time west carried me in a bridal style C=

Yay!!~ Finally get to see west online ^^
So long never see him le.. 想你哦~
Of course must give him my 好人卡 lo C=

Played till 11pm+. But I was very tired le.. Consecutively 3 days of revision lectures.. My bird brain cant take it anymore..
*Information overloaded*

Tonight's wind =/ So scary!!!!
It is howling and rattling on my windows!!!

west, take cover!! Thunder and storm are coming!!

23 apr 2009

Ahahahahahs!! Dodo got to know a secret!
west cant play s.l.o.w songs!!!

Ahahahhahahahahahhahahhas!! =X Dodo managed to own west!! =P

Then he went to club and announce "my wife bully me"
没有咯!zzZzzz. I just managed to perfect abit more than you.. Chain abit more than you.. Score abit more than you mahhhh...

O.o I was on west account to complete some of his quest for him.. So meanwhile, west was using my account..

and... *exclusive* Dodo proposed to west!!!

Heh.. Crap. Stop. Get it right before you start to think otherwise and assume.. west was using Dodo; Dodo was using west. So the proposal was not counted! =/

Hee.. And I told west not to take my account to propose..
But I think he did not get my "intended" meaning.. Oh well~ Too bad!!

west, you are sucha blockwood!! But that is why I Like You~ ^^

24 apr 2009

I upgraded Zupid to Level 5..

And I evolved Zupid!


Sob. Dodo waited for west the whole night. But west did not come online.. Maybe not ba. Tomorrow he will be coming back.. Then I can get to see him C=

O.o and some random guy gave me 狗尾草 =P
不拿白不拿 right??? =D

Played with Tuzi and MrsEvil.. And I managed to chain.. and perfect.. and got 44 perfect for that song!!~ So immediately I changed to west account, hoping to clear his 40perfect quest for him. But I could not do it anymore. =C

So I changed back my account.. Managed to chain and perfect here and there but not that much as previously.. Then I got scolded my Mrs, saying I ate "power up" AHhahahahahahhs!! A few more rounds then I went off to bed le..

west, sorry.. Dodo could not clear that 40perfect quest for you =C

♥ Dodo missed you at 11:06 PM.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Couple

Hmm, actually I thought of buying west the Childhood top as both our long sleeve Love hoodie is going to expire.

So I started to save up my money. Wanted to give west a surprise gift after his exam.

Ended up, he gave me a surprise instead. =.=
He bought a top himself. Sigh, never mind.
He promised and agreed that I will buy him the top when this expires. C=

Maybe one thing to be glad about.

The top that he chose is the one I wanted to buy for him!! =DD
Sorry about the colour. Just accept it. It is RANDOMED. NO CHOICE!!

O.o and that is his Big Head Cat beside him.

Since he bought the top himself, that would mean I need not buy for him. That would mean I have more money to buy clothes for myself!!! C=

Purple and Green. Best combination of a Brinjal =.=

Nana 5000
Indolent Kitty 4000
Stripe Secret 2000
Total damage 11 000

IT IS RANDOMED! Luckily the top and skirt is of the same colour. Sighh, oh well. That is the best I can do.

Played a few songs.. And I managed to win ^^

Hee.. Because i love you too ^^

♥ Dodo missed you at 7:57 PM.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Move On

18 apr 2009

Today was a damn torturous day!!!
I was totally lost.. No idea what to do or whatsoever.

I played for both west and myself to clear some quests. Then 80% of my time was either hopping in and out of rooms, if not afk-ing at the lobby.. Stoning.

Introducing my beloved..

That is MrEvil, Dodo and Tuzi, Love them to bits.. *heart heart*
Hmm. It is supposed to be MrsEvil actually.

Slacking under the sea. Having seasalt scrub =X

Dont ask me what the hell is Dodo doing. I have no idea =.=
Breathing fresh air perhaps?

Fanatic is extremely quiet today.. =/

Sigh. So I logged off.

west, 没有你的日子真难过。。。

Could not get myself to study.. So I logged on again =X
Stoned at lobby for quite some time. Suddenly west logged in!! =DD

Hmm. It was about 11pm+ or something..
Miss him liao lo~ So happy to see him again.. He went cyber with his friends.. Hee.. Happy happy~

We were in the room with MrsEvil.. west got dc-ed. Then then.. ... ...

MrEvil robbed Dodo away from west. And treated me for a drink!! Too bad, there was no Coke Light. So I had Lemon Barley instead.

Sob.. .... ...

Of course, west came to save Dodo from that Evil person x.x

That is also the 1st time west piggy backed me!!
(Hee. This time it was MrEvil who taught him.)

Hee.. =P

And west gave me a 狗尾草! ^^
This time the full view of him kneeling down. *heart heart*

Hmm.. So we played till about 3am+ C= After that I was tired le.. Went off to bed~

west, if you were to be a drug, I would say.. Dodo is addicted to you ~

19 apr 2009

As promised, today no Steps for west..
west, 加油 for tomorrow's exam!

♥ Dodo missed you at 8:36 PM.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Sixth Sense

Guess it is because I slept late last night. Today's lecture was totally in screen saver mode. Nothing seems to get in my brain. Napped throughout the journey home.. The minute I came home, I switched on the com immediately?? This is so unlike of Dodo.. She will usually jump to bed and pig? But somehow, something just made me switched on that switch and log on to Steps..

Then I saw The Reason.

west is online C= C= C=

AHhahaas.. He haven leave his house yet. So before he left...

That is the 好人卡 I was talking about!! C= This time I managed to ss it down!
O.o and that is the pet that west gave me.

And 饼干!

Anyway, we played a few rounds and he went off at about 4pm+. Hmm.. After that I went to his acc and played a few songs to clear his quests C=

That is west and Tuzi. I was helping west to clear his quest. So I got tuzi to help me out! Tuzi pretty ba! C=

west, 路上小心 C= Take care of yourself hor!

♥ Dodo missed you at 9:24 PM.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Dodo is a happy girl~

Today can play with west the whole night through.. west is not going out neither is he meeting anyone =D

We played a few rounds of dual (under the supervision of MrsEvil, haha).

I managed to complete some quest.. and got this Destiny Card.
Hmm.. That card is supposed to add the relation of the other party i suppose? So I gave my 好人卡 to west! ~ Sigh, but due to my slow reaction, I could not ss it.. =C

And west finally knew how to give the 狗尾草 ^^ after ME teaching HIM =.=

Then I realised that I should have zoomed out alittle eh? Then I can see him kneeling down. Hee~ Never mind. There is always a next time ^^

west gave Dodo a pet !!!!!!!!!! C=

Er.. Though it is a Leopard cat.. =.= Of all pets.. Why cat?? Then it keeps following me..
Never mind.. It's a gift of love ♥

Thinking of naming it "Zupid"?? Cos my ign cannot be longer than 8 characters.. So I left my Zupid out.. So now, I can reunite ZupidDodo again!! C=

Hmm. Busy feeding my fat cat.. So I forgot to ss. Think must hurry ss, after I change her name.. If not after it grows, I wont have the Kitty anymore..

Yay ~
So happy ~

After that msn with west as both of us are tired...
O.o west is going over to KL tomorrow because of his exams on Monday

west, Dodo 今天很开心 C= , 你呢?

♥ Dodo missed you at 11:58 PM.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I will be there.

14 apr 2009

Today.. only a short day with west. Played a few rounds then he got to afk to meet, hmmm, his i-dunno-who. I'm not very sure.

Initially i thought awhile only mah.. So i waited lo.. Ended up he came back at 12.45+am =/

Ok la.. At least he still remembers that 'someone' is waiting for him.. Hee. Played a few dual and off to bed le..

west, please remember that Dodo is waiting for you kaes?

15apr 2009

Sigh, another short day with west. We managed to play a few rounds of dual. Then west say he is going out to meet his BIL. Sob.. No choice lo.. Got to wait for him again. This time he say he will be back. So Dodo waited for him C=

Offlined him a message that i will be back later cos daddy needs to use the com. So around 11+pm i went back online.. And west is back! C= But he went to drink with his BIL.. So we didnt play after that..

Hee.. Was playing 穷开心.. And I managed to chain!!~
And Won!!!~
This is so super rare.. Dodo winning fast songs =P

Have an early night~
west, take care of yourself! Dont drink too much kaes?

♥ Dodo missed you at 11:57 PM.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hang On There

Coming steps has already become a routine for me.
Everytime when i am free or if the com is available, i would log on to steps, hoping to meet west too..

west after work will be going for badminton.. So around 8+pm will online.
Dodo had her dinner and went online at 9pm.

Wheee~ And west is already waiting for me!

Hee.. Wow i finally found my motivation to study le.. Like finally =/
During the day i will do my revision.. Then at night i would reward myself with steps.. And of course, to see west!! C= happy happy happy~ C=

west, do you know that you have become my motivation to persevere and carry on?

♥ Dodo missed you at 9:53 PM.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

It is Only the Beginning

11 apr 2009

west went online a few times, but couldnt "catch" him.. So i played a few rounds to clear my quest. Soon after west came!! C= so happy~
Then i realised that he is BMW's student. BMW wanted him to graduate fast. =C Wana box BMW ar! Make my west so stressed up on levelling.
Anyway, west bought the x4 thing. So luckily it's not that bad. Accompanied him till he reached level 25.. Haha. We actually played till 4am+ =/

But at least west graduated!! C=

west, 你终于逃出那可恶BMW的手掌心了!!C=

12 apr 2009

Hee.. Today Dodo played with west again~
Played about 3hrs+..

Hmmm till 11+pm. Then korkor wanted to use com. So i went to my room and use Jie's lap to msn with west C= Just some random conversations regarding my school, his work..

O.o and west is 1984 de. Hee. Anyway my wireless connection strength very low, keep getting disconnected from msn, so ended up no choice, got to go lo. If not i keep signing in till i pek cek le. Haha.

west, 晚安!

♥ Dodo missed you at 11:46 PM.

Friday, April 10, 2009

A New Life. A New Start.

Yay! Dodo got herself a partner in Steps~
this time there was no fanciful dual, no sweet talks, no special moments..

It was actually quite random in knowing him. I was playing show with tuzi and other Fanatic members.. We were playing those nice nice 120-140 songs. So i managed to chain here and there and i won quite a few rounds. (Hee.. Totally unexpected.) XD

Then suddenly a guy named west asked if i wanted to be his partner. =X
Initially i tried to act blurr.. Haha!
But the question came the 2nd time and i know i cant run this time.
So before he left, i added him as friend.. And in return, he invited me as partner! C=

west, 你看上了我什么?My chains that drew your attention towards me? Or was it purely me?

♥ Dodo missed you at 11:07 PM.

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