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Monday, November 29, 2010

Thank You (:

18 nov 2o1o

was sleeping in my lovely quiet room..
&bunnie came to sleep with me.. after a tiring day.

thats my pretty bunnie with her bunnie ears..
tu nv lang ! sexyyyyy.. ~

oooh !
& i managed to get another 9 medals.
yeaps, this is the 4th one?

finally something different.. finally a yellow one !!
nice eh ! oooh, and of course, i chose the yellow bunny bag (:

19 nov 2o1o

did i introduce take's baby before..?
heck, anyway.. she is called Rya !!

She is another cute little sweetie.. just like wenyi !
yaya, i know they all look the same.

but its damn cute can...???

must feed candyyyy lo !!
its a MUST, not a NEED. as quoted from bunnie.. lols !

hmm, taki finally chose her fancy wings..
she got it in pink !

plus now her fly fly wing is also pink!!
everything is sooo pink !!

&that night, my bed expired.
no more sleeping for dodo !

22 nov 2o1o

hmmm, something is not right here.
i think i messed up my ss.. Lols.

cant remember which date is it..
but i managed to merge another 9 medals !!
possible..? ahhahahs, heck la.

anyway, i have 3pink 1yellow.
this i can confirm.

&now, i have a white oneeeeeeeeeeeeee !!

ultra shioknesss !!!
finallyyyyyy ;D

hmm, so now i am supposed to..
get either a pumpkin head/magic witch hat.. PLUS another 4 medals.. &merge.
then i can get a black one.

24 nov 2o1o

ok, i cheated.
calculated the days abit.. damn lazy to keep collecting.. do quest.. blahblah.
because the head/hat=9medals; plus another 4medals. makes 13medals?
thats like another whole week of collecting again.. sian lo !

i bought a pumpkin from another player.. 冰炫 or something?
she has been in my friend list for the longest ever.. dont know since when.. but yeaps. i bought it from her using adv cards.. thanks girl !(:
so i can do my quest immediately without another round of collecting !! (:

& when you combine them..
you get another purpleee box !

wheee wheeeet ! ~
got a title quest..
initially i thought the quest would be a damn difficult one again..
but thankfully, this is do-able !!
(unlike those disgusting ones in my quest list that has to be done in Advance Channel)

Thats the title !
Yeaps, its also in black.. like the char tar bunny bag, ahahhahas.
i have pink &yellow &white &black (:
alamak, i didnt take the ss.
but the white one was shown earlier on when i took the quest..
the pink one.. i am currently using..

was happily admiring my bunny bags collection..
and then, shivers sent through my spine.

ok la, dont so mean.
&i got one for myself too !! ;D

25 nov 2o1o

witch hat !
si wu po.

hehheh, it came in random colours again.. as usual.
thats one taken with bunnie !

quite lucky to get a decent coloured hat..
not some shyttie colour or something..
mine was a little shade of brown with a tint of purple/peach.

26 nov 2o1o

there is a new Thanksgiving quest !!
i dont like this quest !!
because it is super irritating !!
yes, it requires you to go around and thank the ones who helped you.

1. its a random quest. not like a daily one.. so you need to keep playing, hoping for it to drop down from sky randomly.
2. its a couple quest. freaking hate this because couple rooms are difficult to find.
3. the reward.. is not meant for you ! girls got to exchange with guys. &vice versa. resulting in a major selling &exchanging occurred at mini.

so i went around looking for couple rooms..
ahhhh, &i saw thisss !!!!

where did he get the bunnie wand from..??!?!??
quiz voucher.. random questions.. then quest then blahblah??!
ahhhhhh !! what is this !!!
oooh. i didnt ask him.
i shy la. didnt want to sound like a sua ku..
then in the room, anyhow "ahhh ahhh why you have this blahblahhhh.."
so.. i shall do it here.. AHhhhhh Why he have that bunnie wand ...??!

anyway, back to the Thanksgiving quest..
sorry la, wo mei you nan ren help me do.
so, massive opening of small guys id to help myself with the quest..
&finally, Tadaaaaaaa !!

hmmm, you got to dance another round of couple after merging them.
yeaps, it is that dumb.

and finally, for my hardwork..
my pretty necklaceeeeee !!

i think in terms of cheapo.. STEPS number 1.
not only did they make the thankful star limited for 30days..
they made the necklace 90days too!!

initially i was thinking.. necklace 90day, never mind. i keep the thankdful star, when the necklace expires, i shall merge another one again. wth, cant be done since the star is only 30days !

27 nov 2o1o

&we stayed up to help taki complete her necklace..
this is superrrr purrrfeect !

exactly. perfect. height. position.

28 nov 2o1o

&everyone officially owns the necklace !!
*clapclaps for my bunnieeee !
muuuaacckkkksss ! (:

29 nov 2o1o

after so many days.. and rounds of couple.
The two lovely doovey finally managed to coupleeeee !!

awww, so sweet.
Ever lasting loveeeeeee !

Till then.
With Lots of Love,

♥ Dodo missed you at 4:07 PM.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Our Fashion Runway !

16 dec 2o1o
or rather 17 dec 2o1o @2am+, LOls.

dodo in an incubator !
waiting for it to hatch, ahahhahahs..

so i was randomly looking through the mall..
& i was amazed by the hiked up price STEPS is charging players for some of the clothing..
just because it has the NVDIA thingy on it.. making your apparels.. have the "flowyyyy feeeeel".
whatever luh huh.

&one thing that certainly caught my eye..

this very flowyyyy skirt.
i bet alot of girls out there would purchase it.. seriously.

yeaps, the graphics is nice.
the skirt has the weeee ~~ weeee ~~ feel..
飘飘然 when you dance.

heh, and it got me..
with my creativity juices flowing in..
i started to think of bollywood style.. bellydancing..
because thats the only thing that makes the shake-a-bon-bon feel..
and brings justice to that skirt !

and of course, i came up with my Hawaii girl !!
wheeee wheet !

this is classic ok !
i patent it !
no one in steps should use this style.. damn it !

so i made the skirt green.. a lighter shade of green for the lively feel.
and i was hunting for a nice bikini.. then it suddenly occurred to me..
Coconut !!

heh, and happened to scroll the pages, i saw ocean star .
thats exactly what i am looking for..
making it brown in colour to resemble coconut shells..

a hairstyle with flowers on it.. for the holiday feel.
&finally a casual flipflop to finish the Hawaii look !

i damn proud of this outfit.. LOls!
when i have the money, i will get this.
&dance boya boya.. lets partyyy all night !

and after the whole commotion of my Hawaii girl..
bunnie and carcar joined in the fun !

So we decided to make a disco girl, clubbing girl.. or something along that line.
mix and match; mix and match.

thats the biatch we came up.
leopard prints.. ah lian hairstyle.. damn kiam pa face.
wanted to get her a slutty 10inch heels..
but the mall doesnt have one.
so sad..

&we proceeded with our princess look, as requested by bunnie.
decided to do one each, so that we can compare after that..

so presenting to you..
Our lovely Princess !

Dodo's 公主 !
i likeeyyy the xmas babyyyy hair .. !
it has the V shape cut at the back.. owh, i didnt post that up..
but its a lovely hairstyle (:

Carcar's 公主 !
swan lake dress.. same as mine !!
i guess its just the lace.. and colour.. and the victorian style skirt..
its in the storybook that we all read.. always.

bunnie's 公主 !
hers is more of a classy style.. dainty gong zhu..
car &mine.. are the.. xiao gong zhu feel.

but if you realised...
we three had one thing in common.

yeaps, the crystal shoes !!!
pretty glass slippers, just like cinderella !!
we will meet our prince charming one day..
&he will wear the pretty glass slippers for us (:

next up, Good girls !

hmm, bunnie first reaction was..
"dodo damn good at this."
*raises eyebrow. heh.. i dont know if that is a compliment..
or is it supposed to be sarcastic leh !

but anyway, not much difficulty here xP
oooh, maybe too many to choose from..?
we managed to come up with our looks afterall (:

So thats what we came up with !

bunnie's Good girl.
ahhahahs, she kept insisting that she cant be a good girl.
took a long time choosing.. dont know wear what.. blahblah..
okie what the overall. the short hairtsyle.. a very typical one that all girls gone through during our primary school days.. ahahhahs!

carcar's Good girl !
guai guai nv hai (:
super dan chun lo..
heh, thats why she's called chunchun for a reason !

hmm, and for the finale.
actually.. after seeing theirs.. i was quite scared to show them mine..
because its so totally different !!
its like.. writing compo.. write till the extend of being out of topic..?

oh well, there you go..

my Good girl (:

was having the Jap school girl in mind..
so working along that line..

Jap girls never fail to accessorize their hairs.. so i got the one with a hairclip.
& i found a short skirt with leggings..
this had a chic feel, with stripped leggings !

the top is a new one.. that is launched in the recent patch.
and it just happens that the colour matches with the leggings and skirt !
pairing it up with a xiao meimei shoes.. lacy dolly one..

ahhhh, i am getting this outfit after my Hawaii girl !!
evil temptations, ahahhahs !

getting all excited and hyped up, bunnie came up with the most random theme ever.
"lets do ah ma style !!"

oh well.. so we all started to doll our ah ma up !

wasnt really amazed with my style..
so i showed them mine first..

heh, the shoes was.. yeaps, chosen on purpose..
ahahhahs! the typical ahma shoes.
&of course.. the leggings.. heh.. ahma old already, need leggings.. so wont act cute if her skirt is too short.

hmmm, bunnie giggling giggling away..
bet she is up to no good again, tsk.

so carcar is up next, since bunnie wants to be the last.

pretty ahma !!
damn nice to doll up her ahma.. ahahhas.
her was along the line of.. flowery clothing..
very flowery patterened ones.
shes a chic ahma ok !

oooh, and i randomly asked what bottom did she used so that i can complete the look.
&she went.. big panties..??

so i scrolled through the mall..
and i saw Sexy Bunny.. LOLs ! big enough right?

finally, bunnie turn..
laugh laugh laugh..
giggle giggle giggle..
this girl ah, tsk !

nothing ahma about it..
maybe the old granny shoes.. &the dress has the lao qi feel..

the main thing that she was giggling about..
was the chiffon bottom !

so she created a sexy ahma..
and started to giggle giggle giggle..
ahahahhas, irritating lo !
she did that on purpose de.

hmm, after having a Good Girl..
we must have a Bad Girl look !

awww, this time..
i seriously had problems with it..
how does a bad girl look exactly..??!

ahhh, then i thought of the Gangster tatoo that the guys had in mall..
so i started to work along tatoos.

and i came up with this..

lols, okok fine.
i dont think its a good one too.

but she has a tatoo !!
people with tatoos are bad !!
thats my thinking.. old fashioned, but yeaps.

now i know why bunnie says that Good girl is my forte.
heh, wth.

next up, carcar's Bad Girl !
ooooh, so i am starting to get an idea of how a Bad girl looks like now..
&so this is called Bad Girl. mine is nothing comparable. ahahhahs!

&bunnie proud workpiece, Hong Kong Da Jie Da !
she paired it with chiffon bottom again.. =.=
learnt something new.. this is called Bad Girl !

&finally our superheros !

hee, my monkey god, Sun Wu Kong's fiancee.
she has the ging gu bang.. she can fight all the bad people !

Thats Ridicu-bearcat !
She is carcar's superhero !

&of course, bunnie superhero Mephisto Dreams.
she cheated.. she used her email, tsk.

bunnie's voiddeck has some xiao hun hun quarrelling.
lights off !

goodie nights !
lolli dreams everyone (:

Disclaimer: I am sorry if your outfit happens to be one of our Themed outfit. We have no intention to make fun of you or whatsoever. This is truely coincidental. Sorry if you feel offended. Heh.

♥ Dodo missed you at 1:05 PM.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lolli Dreams (:

16 nov 2o1o

First Evo patch..
Had a little technical glitches when it comes to the auto patch (as usual)..

So i ended up doing a manual one..
Hmm, more signifant ones are the flying wings from coupon 1st prize..
&some baby adding points stuffs.

Nothing much for mall clothings.. Except for one.
I shall do the review some other time.

ooooh, and i suppose there is a new flower??

its super bigggg.. super purple.. super pretty !!
thanks dwlqn for lending your character, lols.

and did i mention that i can sleep..??
oh, I CAN SLEEP !!!
i mean, i have the /rest command now !!!

Yeaps, beloved changed it using her baby coupons !
Yayyyyy !! Thanks beloved !!
dont ask me how, i have no idea too.

hmm, 3days.
better than nothing right ! ;D

&so we had a mass sleeping session..
oooh, everyone else is permanent one.
i am "temporary" sleeping for 3 days, Lols !

and we had a 恶魔在身边~

... a very very evil one.

an angelic one.. as our guardian angel.
to watch over us when we sleep !

the lovely mummies teaching their babies..
qiiii baaaa jiuuuuu !!

im tired. will update the massive ss that i took..
loads of them !
goodie nights..

&lolli dreams my lovely loved ones !

-xoxo Dodo-

♥ Dodo missed you at 10:14 PM.

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