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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Let it Snow Let it Snow Let it Snow !

Its December once again !
Time flies eh..
Last year.. We were still celebrating christmas at the 38Club Rave Party Countdown..

Another year has gone by just like that..
A new year.. Once again..
Anyway, that aside..

29 nov 2o1o

this girl is trying to be funny... as usual..
spammed my whole inbox with lotsss of giftssss !!

Yeaps.. The whole inbox is flooded by her..
And the page can scrooooll if you realise -.-
Silly beloved !

This is like.. only part of it.. mind you..
i was busy opening.. clicking.. deleting..
ensuring that i did not miss out any.. carefully make sure i do not delete any unredeemed mails accidently..

and one last one that she sent..

Yeaps.. This little box actually has 100 speakers insideeee !!
oh my gawddd .

but anyway.. dodo is a smart girl.
i obediently collected all the minispeakers..
&merged them into a chocolate &gave it back to beloved !!!

ahhahahhas, not bad right.
maybe i can set up a mini business in steps..
by helping players to merge their speakers.. and exchange for chocolates...?
LOls =x

oooh, and the pretty moonlustre coupon clothes..
that has been highly raved due to the pretty effects that are "emitting" out..

er, i didnt max my effects for that..
so.. ok, presenting the pretty moonlustre !

spam spam spam..
let it snow.. let it grow.. let it blossom.. !

1 handsome.. with 4 babes !

Preparing for christmasssss!!
Wheeeee ~

o1 dec 2o1o

i wanted to clear my bag.. because seriously.. those couple stuffs are very irritating..
i have no one to give to.. and they are in my bag for the longest ever..
so mass sending &using of louspeaker.. to spreaaaad theee Loooveeee !

Scarf for my Elaine..

Chocolates for the little naughty kids..

hmmm. due to my very fast reaction.. i didnt managed to ss the gifting of beloved and car..
oh well ..

ahahhahas, &dwlqn went on strike..
he didnt want to be the middleman =x

but who cares...?
ahahahas, one for my Carcar.

o5 dec 2o1o

new christmas quest !
christmas stockingsssss !!

2 colours to choose from.. white or purple.
but the stocking colours come randomly..
so you might need to actually do more than 6.
Xmas Wand = 365 days.

then as for the Xmas Dance choice..
you need to collect 6 bubbles.

ps, the ss i got alittle mixed up..
oh well.

so 6 Xmas Bubble = 1 Bubble Big GP = Bubble Light & Bubble Small GP

hmmm, the bubbles still can choose according to your redeemed wand colour..

not given in random colours.
so, still not that bad afterall.

&then as for the Bubble Small GP..
see heng suay. Might get 1 bubble and/or 1 star and/or 1 title.
i got.. 1 extra bubble and 1 star.

anyway, time to merge my purple wand !
make it bubble bubbbbbleeee ~

o7 dec 2o1o

because i am amazed by that super huge cat paws !
LOls ! its damn funny...

&i have no idea why..
it looks as if beloved is slapping herself !! =x

ok, a pretty ss for beloved with her pink cat paws!

ooooh, hellos beloved !!
*wavessss !

&my beloved is hungry..
i bet that paws must be very heavy.. ..
spent so much energy carrying them, lols !

&a love message for everyone !

o9 dec 2o1o

Gift of Open Winter quest !
yeaps.. its a new quest !!
& i think we got cheated again.
because the quest clearly states a "Disney Spokesperson" title as reward..
but no title was given.. tsk.

hmm, its an individual quest..
as in.. can only get that quest once. cannot exchange or sell or gift or whatsoever..
anyway, as usual.. being typical of STEPS, its a 90days ear muffs.
ooooh, can get to choose bunny or star shaped.. but most people chose bunny.. hmmm.

&a special guest logged in !!
lols.. a very rare one.. plus it was quite late..
1.20am? yeaps, its foxy.. ahahahas.

1o dec 2o1o

silly bunnie sent me a bed..
ooh, its still in my bag.. as usual.. unredeemed. xP

btw, someone enlighten me..
are they from baby coupons??
so if you changed it for bed (3days) or coupon clothes (15days) or blahblah..
means you would have wasted the baby coupons..? in a sense that.. you used it to change for these items?? ahhhhhh !!

13 dec 2o1o

finally done with everything..

the unbubbled white wand.

&the unbubbled purple wand.

15 dec 2o1o

its time to celebrate christmassssss !!

flying santa would definitely do a better job..
this wing can really flyyyy !!
i mean.. it flies rather quickly !

how can we forget about our reindeer?
ahahahahs :D

&carcar was convincing me to take her coupon clothes because it has no "market value"..
i didnt really want to take for free.. &10adv is like.. cheaper than my stupid witch hat &pumpkin head which i used 20adv each to buy them.. so after much negotiations.. i show handed my gold! muaahhahhas! so proud of myself !

so, i shall proudly present to you my very first coupon clothes !!
Ryst Gown !

coool eh ?!
i am keeping this for my wedding !!!! -.-
ok fine. but its really very pretty..
&i got the whole range of colours to choose from.. Totally. Spoilt for choice.

& next up..
Shine .

er, im not biased or whatsoever..
but this set.. .. i dont really like it..
especially the pants.. groin area very obscene.. tried to layer with long tops.. but the clothes will overlap.. but the hair is niceeeeee ! the top is niceeeee ! the shoe is.. hmm, ok la. not that bad. LOls.

16 dec 2o1o

&i finally decided the colours...
oh gawdd.

was choosing between purple &white &cream &pink.
i asked mummy .. she didnt even bother to see the shade of colours.. and she went..
"aiya white lo.."
"huh.. ..."
"then purple lo.."
"but then....."
oooh, and she walked away.
so helpful.. .. ..

didnt want purple or pink.. because my existing clothes are of that colour..
didnt want white.. because it looks normal..
wanted to mix the head and gown colour.. but i dont know what to mix..
i wanted something.. .. simple yet sophisticated.. romantic &classy..
so, i finally decided.. on a nice shade of cream.
ahahhas. i even went to the extent of googling cream shade colour coding combinations ok !!
walao. LOls.

&finally. my very pretty wedding gown !

18 dec 2o1o

o.o did i mention about the Xmas Star??
ahhh, whatever. this post is getting damn long and naggy.

anyway, i am finally done with all 4 of the wands !

so proud of myself..
now i have 1 extra bubble wand in purple.. and 3 purple socks.
i cant seem to get white !!! is white a limited one??

ps, beloved !
ahhhhh.. i give you the purple bubble wand first ok?
i cant get white socks !! i think no.7 knows that i like purple.. he keeps giving me purple.. =x
i will keep the purple one for you first. in the meanwhile, i will collect white socks for you !

ms santa is getting married !!
please do attend her wedding !!

♥ Dodo missed you at 4:02 PM.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


i got a secret to tell you..

I Seriously Hate You ! (:
Damn it. For Real.

Dont understand what your management team or marketing team or whatsoever team is thinking.. &actually came up with this freaking smart idea..

May i know why are the Newbies getting soooo many freebiesss from quests??
Yes, &i mean questS ! Because its not only one, but two three four five blahblah !
Entice new players...?

Hmm.. Ok, then what about your old players.. Whom had been with you since closed beta.. Tolerated all your shyt bugs your shyt management your shyt rollbacks your shyt blahblah..
Ya, you regarded them as shyt too.. &forgotten about them i guess.

Simple quest.. &they get to enjoy the skateboards..
Thanks man. Old player play coupons like siao.. Dumped in so many money..
To sponsor.. these newbies? To sponsor.. your awesome idea?

Why not making it 7days for everyone...?
Why only special for them..?
Yeaps, its for 7days only.
But still.. ...?!

Existing players made an attempt to log in.. &do their quest faithfully..
Collect &collect &collect.. Exchange &exchange &exchange..
Hey, appreciate their effort in making these "limited edition" items !

&now, you are giving them free..?!
for some 100k score..? 1min of mama song gao dim, tsk.
ok, fine. 30days vs 365days. but.. ... ... ?!

Not trying to say you cant give..
But maybe.. Continuous.. Like 1 quest collect cloth, 1 quest collect wood, blahblah.
Idiot lo. Just one easy quest, they got the umbrella that existing players collect until siao de..
I still have alot of random remaining of blue pink purple white cloths la ! No wood no wood !!

Wait, thats not all !
You gave them free rcoins items !
For 9o days !

Plus the whole set of clothings !!
&i dont know if its pure coincidence.. Or its fixed at white..
The whole suit i opened was white ! No random ugly colours..

oooh, the hair is rcoins..
the shoe should be gold..
the rest i cant be bothered to find it in mall..

Ps, your fashion taste.. Has room for improvement..
Oh well, i just dont like the pants..

&you shall see.. what you gave us in the past !
then you know what i mean..

yahh, some chao tar foundation !!
Make me like from Bollywood !
if i remember correctly.. its 30days.

&some obiang long hoodie top. also 30days.
ok.. it looks fine actually. the sucky thing is that the colour is randomed !!
luckily mine was blue.. or else.. .. ZzzZzz.

Thats it !!
This is what you gave the newbies in the past..
&newbies today are enjoying so many things..

You dont even bother about the old players..
Those who went throught thick &thin with you..
Cross river destroy bridge, tsk.

So conclusion, i dont like you.

♥ Dodo missed you at 11:47 AM.

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