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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Loved .

did that while i was waiting for him to come online..

i am done with it.
he is still not online.

tidied all my ss.
and organised them into folders/

i am done with it.
he is still not online.

too bad.

nights !
go study le.
Dodo is loved.. by Dodo ((=

♥ Dodo missed you at 1:46 AM.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Visit to the Florist

22 march 2o1o

23 march 2o1o

Dodo (=

♥ Dodo missed you at 6:55 PM.

Monday, March 22, 2010


bahh bahhh Zero have you any wings...??
yes dodo yes dodo 3 bags full ~
one for my Taki
one for my Beloved
and one for my little Tuzi
who lives down the lane.

thanks lo zero !


♥ Dodo missed you at 12:47 AM.

Friday, March 19, 2010

my no.7 ?


so i afk-ed to eat my dinner..
came back.. i saw the announcement.. saying event held at Lobby 1 Ama 12.
no idea how long was it posted.. so i went to have a look..

hmmm. the full was full. even the spec slots..
oh well. eh, soon after, the slots started to grey up..
gM kicking people wor....? =X

uh oh.
no really sure what happened.
but the whole lobby..
commotion alot.

Zero angry le .
Rarrr. who went to provoke him.. !

chiong ar!

i managed to get in !!!
dodo managed to get in !!!

inside the player slot !!!

this time the pw was.. er. 8?
should be la. i cant really remember. =X

you saw my name...??
oh my oh my.
mummy must be damn proud of her 慢三拍 daughter ((=

hmm. ok.
dont know if i can actually join..

cos before that i managed to win the 5 advance contribution..
so i went to ask gM.

cos i dont like it when people kick me..
i will leave if i cant participate you see..

just ask in case mahh

eh. initially..
i was damn excited.. cos all 5 players get to have the wings..
it didnt come into my mind about the game after that..
until mrs said, "later say you love the club"
i forgot about the game !!
f.r.e.a.k.o.u.t !!!

my hands shivering le..
i dont know why !!

then i recalled telling beloved if i managed to get in..
i must declare my love for her and vice versa. aaWwWww. ~

initially Zero chose 永远在你身边
our song ^^V
eh. but think too fast for some ba.. 160bpm.
so Zero changed to 任意门
slightly slower.. oh well.
still ok for me ((=

gM dance dance with dodo

mid way.. i managed to chain and overtake..
but the girl even more scary..
her chain like FOC one.

ok la.
overall Gg ((=
nice game ((=

i got 3rd.
still not that bad
*pats on dodo's back*

anyway, i just want my wings..
anyway, i can get in the room.. i happy le ^^V

hee.. after the game..
i went to tou pai Zero xP
heehee .

and after everyone left the room..
its giving presents time !!
Merry Xmas !!
Seasons of Giving !!

wahhh !!
gM so straight forward !
"peng add me up in msn"
kao lui so openly xD

he was doing his job, dont tarnish his reputation.
he wanted to add her, so she can tell him what message she wants.. to have it posted up the announcement .

soon after.. Zero came to add me again..
so that he can send me my wings ^^

and before that.
i randomly asked Zero if i could choose colour..
oh well. since it is Rcoins mah.
dont waste right, later everyone same colour.

ok .
or am i alittle too demanding =X

my 2nd gift from dear gM

really Sprirtual Wings leh

that is the one.
30days.. 2400 rcoins..? approx 5 bucks?
wheeee ~~

if you realised..

the colour is really my 204 204 255 !!
so happy !!!

ok. i shouldnt be here.

Love you Zero !!
Thanks for my 204 204 255 wings !!


♥ Dodo missed you at 10:08 PM.

Event type : In Game
Date & Time : 19/03/2010 - 21/03/2010 (Start 19:00 - End 21:00)
Event title : Loudly Say Love you

was online.. and so beloved suggested to join the event.
ok.. why not ? xP

so we waited very very very long...
at the lobby..

waiting for gM to create a room so that we can rush in !


and waited.

irritating !!

and waited..

finally !
Lobby 1. Ama 7.
^^ V

at my favourite no.7 place ((=

but.. the sad thing is.. the pw was not 7.
but this time, luckily i tried from 7..
so 7, 8, 9.. and i got in !

wheeee ~~~

but i was the 1st spec.

ok la. at least i got in

hurriedly went to open invite and invite beloved in..
but i realised, beloved managed to get in too !!

and the game took forever to start.
all dont know rules. blah.

o.o and another new rule set by Zero.
no one is supposed to win him.
so he must get 1st.
dang .

ooh. and i forgot who won..? i cant remember her ign =X

and time for the audience ..~

Lalallaal ~~
zero wants my smooch xP
zero say i smart dodo !!
*patpats her head*

Wheee ~
gM add me leh !
hee ^^


a gift from my dear gM.

my 5 advance contribution cards

think i shall put these in my bag..
dont want use le

next up..
2nd qn..

ooh. Zero say i cant join anymore..
have to keep quiet.

why all dont know??
dont they go to the forum???

so i went to open my launcher and clicked the forum icon thingy..
tada !!

ahahhahahas =X
ok. sorry Zero. they very slow la...!
imagine i still have the time to open my Steps patcher, click the Forum logo, wait till it loads..
bahhhh !!

hee. anyway, ela got the answer ((=
so the 5adv cards went to her..

my no.7 ....?

♥ Dodo missed you at 8:45 PM.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Updates !

12 mar 2o1o

yippy !
and itchy fingers went to upgrade her rings !
hee xP




okie !
now same as ice liao ~

i was playing with his dragon.
while ice.. is doing.. actually i dont know. watching "tv".
he sat there.. very quietly.. no idea what he was doing..

lolx. irritating red little creature.

then a girl came in.
added me.

i usually dont add people randomly.
but.. hmm. i just added this time..

and she gave me..
2 wish paper...?

and ran off

uh huh.
so i asked if ice how who she was.
and he said he didnt see the girl.

i told him..
she added me. and gave me two wish papers. and ran away. and logged off.
ice reaction was, "not good meh. got people give you paper..?"

was talking halfway..
another came in..
added me.

i was abit reluctant to accept actually..
cos i was in a little what-is-happening mood.

ok.. after a while, total silence in the room.
so i added her. cos she was standing there for quite some time.


i tell you.
i freaked out liao la!
Totally .

why all of a sudden..
same timing..
one after another..

ice asked me what happened..
eh. 来历不明。 i scared la !

then another came in @@
ok. this time.. i am definitely not adding.
so i asked ice if he know her..
and he said she is his friend..

ok.. ...
so i added her.


100% ice is up to something.
if not he would not have sat there for so long.. never talk to me !!

grill him alive le this time !!!
argh !

after much grilling..
he finally owned up !!
that silly boy !

if not why all of a sudden..
so many girls come and add me.

managed to get my 12 gems..
to change for my Fairy wand.

what an expensive wand

so i have 2..
and i kept one for myself..
and gave one to ice..

and.. a cake for my boy ^^V

i went over to look for beloved..
and linlin carcar dwlqn was there too (=

linlin told me to guard the bed..
to prevent dwlqn to get her..
and so i did what i was told to ! xP

new place..
so i went to walk walk around..

cross the road first..

retro buildings..
shang hai feng seh !

at.. chinatown..?

sitting there all alone.
all the shop houses were closed.
apparently 24hours closed, like what linlin said.

so beloved came to join me ^^ V

13 mar 2o1o

logged in.
for what reason..?
i have no idea.

woke up too early on a sat ba..
and steps was having battle event.

and i managed to get in !!!!
ok. i got in the spec slot.
but.. oh well.

i kind of suspect she is my no.7
her pw was 7.
of all numbers.. she used 7.

sigh. please tell me it is coincidence. =((

oh. i logged off after they started the game anyway.
nothing to do. saddened by the fact that she is no.7

14 mar 2o1o

the wings..
looks like.. kena bluetec on one leh.
ahahhahahs ! =S

ok. thats all for the night.

miss you.
goodie nights !

♥ Dodo missed you at 10:38 PM.

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