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Monday, November 29, 2010

Thank You (:

18 nov 2o1o

was sleeping in my lovely quiet room..
&bunnie came to sleep with me.. after a tiring day.

thats my pretty bunnie with her bunnie ears..
tu nv lang ! sexyyyyy.. ~

oooh !
& i managed to get another 9 medals.
yeaps, this is the 4th one?

finally something different.. finally a yellow one !!
nice eh ! oooh, and of course, i chose the yellow bunny bag (:

19 nov 2o1o

did i introduce take's baby before..?
heck, anyway.. she is called Rya !!

She is another cute little sweetie.. just like wenyi !
yaya, i know they all look the same.

but its damn cute can...???

must feed candyyyy lo !!
its a MUST, not a NEED. as quoted from bunnie.. lols !

hmm, taki finally chose her fancy wings..
she got it in pink !

plus now her fly fly wing is also pink!!
everything is sooo pink !!

&that night, my bed expired.
no more sleeping for dodo !

22 nov 2o1o

hmmm, something is not right here.
i think i messed up my ss.. Lols.

cant remember which date is it..
but i managed to merge another 9 medals !!
possible..? ahhahahs, heck la.

anyway, i have 3pink 1yellow.
this i can confirm.

&now, i have a white oneeeeeeeeeeeeee !!

ultra shioknesss !!!
finallyyyyyy ;D

hmm, so now i am supposed to..
get either a pumpkin head/magic witch hat.. PLUS another 4 medals.. &merge.
then i can get a black one.

24 nov 2o1o

ok, i cheated.
calculated the days abit.. damn lazy to keep collecting.. do quest.. blahblah.
because the head/hat=9medals; plus another 4medals. makes 13medals?
thats like another whole week of collecting again.. sian lo !

i bought a pumpkin from another player.. 冰炫 or something?
she has been in my friend list for the longest ever.. dont know since when.. but yeaps. i bought it from her using adv cards.. thanks girl !(:
so i can do my quest immediately without another round of collecting !! (:

& when you combine them..
you get another purpleee box !

wheee wheeeet ! ~
got a title quest..
initially i thought the quest would be a damn difficult one again..
but thankfully, this is do-able !!
(unlike those disgusting ones in my quest list that has to be done in Advance Channel)

Thats the title !
Yeaps, its also in black.. like the char tar bunny bag, ahahhahas.
i have pink &yellow &white &black (:
alamak, i didnt take the ss.
but the white one was shown earlier on when i took the quest..
the pink one.. i am currently using..

was happily admiring my bunny bags collection..
and then, shivers sent through my spine.

ok la, dont so mean.
&i got one for myself too !! ;D

25 nov 2o1o

witch hat !
si wu po.

hehheh, it came in random colours again.. as usual.
thats one taken with bunnie !

quite lucky to get a decent coloured hat..
not some shyttie colour or something..
mine was a little shade of brown with a tint of purple/peach.

26 nov 2o1o

there is a new Thanksgiving quest !!
i dont like this quest !!
because it is super irritating !!
yes, it requires you to go around and thank the ones who helped you.

1. its a random quest. not like a daily one.. so you need to keep playing, hoping for it to drop down from sky randomly.
2. its a couple quest. freaking hate this because couple rooms are difficult to find.
3. the reward.. is not meant for you ! girls got to exchange with guys. &vice versa. resulting in a major selling &exchanging occurred at mini.

so i went around looking for couple rooms..
ahhhh, &i saw thisss !!!!

where did he get the bunnie wand from..??!?!??
quiz voucher.. random questions.. then quest then blahblah??!
ahhhhhh !! what is this !!!
oooh. i didnt ask him.
i shy la. didnt want to sound like a sua ku..
then in the room, anyhow "ahhh ahhh why you have this blahblahhhh.."
so.. i shall do it here.. AHhhhhh Why he have that bunnie wand ...??!

anyway, back to the Thanksgiving quest..
sorry la, wo mei you nan ren help me do.
so, massive opening of small guys id to help myself with the quest..
&finally, Tadaaaaaaa !!

hmmm, you got to dance another round of couple after merging them.
yeaps, it is that dumb.

and finally, for my hardwork..
my pretty necklaceeeeee !!

i think in terms of cheapo.. STEPS number 1.
not only did they make the thankful star limited for 30days..
they made the necklace 90days too!!

initially i was thinking.. necklace 90day, never mind. i keep the thankdful star, when the necklace expires, i shall merge another one again. wth, cant be done since the star is only 30days !

27 nov 2o1o

&we stayed up to help taki complete her necklace..
this is superrrr purrrfeect !

exactly. perfect. height. position.

28 nov 2o1o

&everyone officially owns the necklace !!
*clapclaps for my bunnieeee !
muuuaacckkkksss ! (:

29 nov 2o1o

after so many days.. and rounds of couple.
The two lovely doovey finally managed to coupleeeee !!

awww, so sweet.
Ever lasting loveeeeeee !

Till then.
With Lots of Love,

♥ Dodo missed you at 4:07 PM.

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