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Sunday, January 31, 2010



got the link from the S3xy club..
o.o lots of stuffs to expect from the upcoming patch..
and, in the near future..

Jiayous ba Gm!

♥ Dodo missed you at 7:01 PM.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Good Job !!

Yupx! and i really mean.. Good Job!
You managed to earn yourself an exclusive post to make yourself known!!
I was all alone.. in my peaceful and serene and romantic ama7.
and you just barged in randomly..
ok. fine. i didnt lock the room. it's a free for all kind of thing.
so i didnt bother much..

i sensed something amiss.. ...
ok.. ...
she added me.. so i accepted.
let's see what is she going to do next.
initially i thought she wanted things like fireworks/speaker/pacifier..
or maybe smthg from the lucky coupon..

bloody hell! skin thicker than elephant la!
wahh!! all planned already lo! if i have a little, you buy shoes nia. if i have many, you buy top AND shoes. siao eh! money fall from sky!!?
if not, i buy you cheap 7days shoes and top.. you buy me romance pack la!
good deal right??!!

angry leh.
why is there such people in this world.
paiseh doesnt exist in their dictionary de.. ..

♥ Dodo missed you at 11:58 PM.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Since it was still early...

ice logged off le.. went yam cha with his friends.
since it is still early.. so i thought i could post up some up the ss

28 Jan 2o1o

29 Jan 2o1o

smexy mama ~~

black black man =X

short and sweet.
my fastest post ever.

*heads off to study le*

♥ Dodo missed you at 11:09 PM.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


hmmm.. upon request.
my redeemed harmony gloves..

warming up..
getting ready for the next round.

*Ting Ting Ting*
Next Round: Dodo the Strong one!

I'm All Ready For the Next Battle.
Come on! Let's do the WWE style!


i checked my Title drop down list..
dont seem to find the Starlight Messenger title =((
i saw the Starlight Envoy dunno what de.. i wonder if it's the same one =((

♥ Dodo missed you at 10:32 PM.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


24 Jan 2o1o

and i got my gloves.. ..
but.. i am still considering if i should redeem it.

oh well, it just came at the wrong time..
anyway, i still want to thank you ((=

ohoh! and i got the Starlight Story quest !! =P
so played a few rounds of couple.. and managed to get the Guardian Star..
yupx. i gave it to ice^^

hmmm. and ice told me to redeem the one he gave me..
and it became a Twinkle Star !!

o.o ice went to redeem it.. and got a Twinkle Star too.
this is confusing.. because i remember reading the forum saying one party has to get Guardian, while the other has the Twinkle.. then we exchange or something.. but there is no quest =((

went to post the forum.. hopefully some kind hearted people will actually reply the thread and help me out with this.. i dont want to waste the Guardian Star just because i redeemed it when i am not supposed to.. ..

25 Jan 2o1o

had no intention to go online actually.. cos it's a monday.
but somehow i logged in after watching the news..
and surprisingly, ice is online !!

played one round of show with him..
and a quest popped out... !!

Yes!! My Starlight quest ((=
hee.. ok. means the quest will auto pop out one.. chey!
of course, both of us managed to complete it.. and we got the title ((=

oh.. and the Highlight of the Day..

Yupx ((=
my silly boy got a 3.7m score.. for our song.. 1到10我和你. x333
(pardon my score. i was playing with one hand got damn bored cos he keeps playing the knock you down previously.... =X )

He Did It ..!! Yay!! Quite a few times.. another time with his favourire Knock You Down also..
so i rewarded my boy with..

Lots and Lots of HaoRenKa.. ((=
ok la. just 3 nia. better than nothing right!!!

managed to take a zoomed in ss..
and i took the wordings of the card..
which wrote "对不起,你是好人"
i thought it was damn funny. like after so many cards i gave, i didnt even go and notice the wordings on the card..

♥ Dodo missed you at 10:26 PM.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Love Pacifier

After much consideration..
I have decided to redeem my Love Pacifier !!

think i have kept it in there for quite some time le ba..

finally decided to use it.. cos the colour combination totally suits the pink/white outfit. ((=
this time, together with the pacifier, got the cutie look le ba! Lolx..

and the other one..
hmmm. but this dont look as nice as compared to the previous one..
so i am thinking if i should redeem the red rose to get the classy/smexy feel..

eeee.. but one time redeem 2 together. abit waste sia. then later 30days, both gone. =((
lolx. i sound damn aunty. oh well. we shall see about it then.

goodie nights!

♥ Dodo missed you at 11:53 PM.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Knock You Down !!!

all thanks to tuzi's 3m.. ..
now everytime ice comes online.. he would want to chiong his 3m. =.=

and worse still.. this time.. he dragged me in to play his 3m with him..
siao liao. the whole night.. i played that Knock You Down for like 938712137 times..

the score from less than 1m.. to more than 1m.. to less than 1.5m.. to more than 1m.. to less than 1m.. to more than 2m.. to less than 2.5m.. to more than 2m.. to less than 3m.. and the list goes on and on and on and on.. ... ..

from 1015.. ice said last.. last last last till 1100 still haven finish his last. Lolx!
die die also must get 3m and show tuzi..
*dodo raise white flag liao lo*

and of course.. in the meanwhile, i cleared all my advanced quest..
shiok ! all settled in one night.. (hee. i played cheat abit actually. some of them i chose the 2 contribution card rather than the advanced quest.. lazy la... ... .)

hmm.. kena punished for saying himself noob..
humphf. one more time, i make you kneel on durians! =X

and the silly taki.. pm me if she can steal my rose..
30 days ago you dont want to steal.. wait till expire liao.. then you come and ask if you can steal.. Lolx!

and upon hearing that my rose expire already.. ..
she sent me many many more !!!!

and she said.. cos she wanted to send me each of a kind.. ((=


Thanks lo Taki !!!
(you may have the honour to steal my rose anytime ^^ pssst. dont want smooch de. i want french de.. xP )

after that song, ice came to ask me if i still have rose.. of course, thinking that ice had extras in his bag, dodo happily replied "HAVE taki just gave me!!!" chey! ended up ice dont have rose le.. =(( he wanted to ask if i have extra to give him.. ahahahhhs. too bad dodo mei you.. lalalala~~

ice, it's your turn to steal my rose le xPP

♥ Dodo missed you at 10:58 PM.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Tuzi !

with lots of love.. hugs.. kisses

♥ Dodo missed you at 2:26 AM.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Embrace the World !!

woo lalallala ~~
finally !!

i told myself cant drag any further le.. cos upcoming essays and assignments to do..
and i definitely dont want to get distracted..
yupx. sorry for the lack of brain juices.. didnt do much editing actually.. lolx.

ZzzZz, ok. it ended up just like that. =X
did too many weird versions.. but i cant find a satisfied one..
hmmm. not much changes to the whole layout actually.. just the header picture..

added our songs inside x3
this time together with the iphone skin.. can see mv also xP

nothing much le ba.

sweet dreams.

♥ Dodo missed you at 12:56 AM.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

我的色狼大宝贝 (=

8 Jan 2o1o

so he requested if i could have the same pet as him..
sighh. se lang follow me everywhere i go lo. =((
cat was bad enough.. now got a se lang =X

hee.. ok la.
i ended up buying it..
oh wells. ((=

ehhh. not cheap sia this se lang @@
plus now i seldom play.. my gold pte ltd liao..
HANDSOME wolf @@!

that is my new se lang's profile ((=

and the happy family ((=

13 Jan 2o1o

for my boy ^^

Yay !!
dodo has flowers too !! ^^ V

14 Jan 2o1o

and i got to tell you..
this se lang not cheap sia..
spent me like more than 10 stars to upgrade to the 5th level....?? zzZzzzZ.
initially i gave up liao. cos i am really left with not much gold. LOlx!
but silly beloved kept sending me the stars.. ..

And I Finally Managed to Upgrade That Se Lang to the 5th Grade!!!

so i waited for ice to come.. then evolve the se lang together ((=

actually i told ice.. i dont want to evolve that pet..
small one cuter.. (which is the fact). plus, i dont want a se lang to keep following me everywhere i go la ! =.=

but afterall, i gave in la. spend me so much gold..
then dont make it "work" for me and earn gold.. how can??!

Welcome Se Lang Da Bao Bei !!

♥ Dodo missed you at 11:46 PM.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

He Popped the Question.

Date 03012010
Time 0007
Venue Lobby 01 Ama 03

♥ Dodo missed you at 11:13 PM.

Viewers Discretion is Advised !

i like the panty ^^
got polka dots !!!
so cute laaa ~~~

ps. thanks *ahem* for changing to this skirt.. ((=
ok. i feel damn colour wolf.

ehhh.. no intended meaning la.. =((
i just wanted to show the polka dots.. =((

♥ Dodo missed you at 11:07 PM.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


o1 o1 2o1o

*embrace the world!!*
welcome to a whole new year 2o1o ((=

i got bored of the abc-s..
so i logged in..
hmmm. and gM held a Rave Countdown party too ^^
ahhahahahs. was kind of nice of her.. after much request from players through loud or mini..

the whole Rave Hall was packed !!
filled to the maxxxx!!!

(tsk. i opened till max this time =X )

the lovely gM who created the Rave Hall for the players that night ((=
thanks girl !

and there is this weird quest..
hmm.. 2oo8 =.=
eh. interesting.. i have no idea why is it still 2oo8..

plus.. it looks kuku on dodo

and and..

*drum rolls*
^^ V

Wheeeee ~~~

To My Lovely Friends out there...

Happy 2o1o ((=

With lots of love..
The kuku couple, with the kuku 2oo8 specs,
Ic3 and Dodo

♥ Dodo missed you at 10:47 PM.

24 Dec 2oo9

so with the courtesy of Taki, there was a rave party held at Steps ((=
everyone was invited.. including meeeeee xPP

getting all ready for xmas parrtttyyyy
^^ V

some pre-xmas celebration at the pak tor room

pretty hor

at the Rave Party Hall..

continuous spamming at the hall..
all the rich chaps.. one *boom* you see there.. there goes your 100 rcoins((=

and more of the 100rcoins..
Money falling from sky.. only exist in Steps ((=

some ss with my lovely friends..

with beloved, dearest and JasHony..
chocolate and petals and (hmm.. i think) snow flakes..??

赏月 (shang yue)
hmm.. no moon cakes no tea this time..
but with lots if love and warmth and joy..

another ss..
this time with beloved and jasHony..
(dearest was getting herself prepared for the annual xmas pretty babes contest. ahahahs.)

the stage where the beauty contest held by Love38 club took place..
lots of people was there actually.. just that i didnt open max..

pretty dearest with her life long supporters..

soon after my boy logged in *huggggs*
this year there is no ginger breadman..
this year there is no santa..
this year there is no presents..
but this year..
there is just a simple packet of.. (hard earned) teddy biscuits for you ^^

the rave party was a simple yet fun one.. it's a really nice feeling to spend it with your close friends.. in a special way. a simple get together, yet so heart warming.. i swear this year was a tough year.. with all of the physical and emotional and acadamic pains that i had to overcome.. i came a long way.. a tough one. though the road was bumpy, i fell, i am glad that, yes, i managed to stand up. Thanks to my friends whom had always been there for me.. be it rain or shine.. once again, no words can express this.. but ..
.. Thank You ((=

Happy Xmas my friends
and a Merry 2o1o ahead !!

♥ Dodo missed you at 9:46 PM.

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