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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Presenting to You..

(psst, i better warn you first. post is image heavy. do allow some time for them to load.)

STEPS Evolution !

& yeaps, that is the Free dvd that they are distributing..
supposedly, it should be in my mail box. but apparently, till date, no sight of it.
i got it from Comics Connection at Century Square.

i had a hard time explaining myself when the shop owner could not comprehend what DVD i was asking for.. after much explanation, yes. Finally, he realized that i am asking for the STEPS DVD Game Installer.

oooh, and the guy gave me 2 !
&the whole box was left "unattended and abandoned" at one little corner of the shop. LOls !

but anyway, kudos to the management, for sending your staffs to go around and distribute the Dvds, i hope they are well paid for doing all these. i like the way.. being at least active in facebook. *thumbs up to the Fb Mod. Salute you for tolerating everything. Because gM dont exist in game anymore. &naturally, you became the 1st person players look for when they have any problems.

the installer worked perfectly, making my task so much easier.
did had some hiccups, but was purely due to my own computer.. and not the Dvd.
of course, thanks to my beloved for staying up so late..
and waiting patiently for me to come online. *hugggs.

yeaps, without further ado, my story

2o oct 2o1o


alittle surprise when i logged in..

lols, this girl has been playing with coupons again xP
but congrats for getting the coupon clothes too !

&the first one to look for.. definitely, my beloved !

that's the cute linln !
handsome eh ! hee, smilessss (=

oooh, the whole interface is rather complicating..
ok, maybe not exactly complicating.. i just need some time to get used to it..

and the highly raved new command..

oh, i forgot. was it kiss2 or smooch2..?
alamak. but, awwww. aint this sweet?
look at linlin ! -xoxo-

hmm, beloved didnt stay for longg..
so she logged out, and left me to explore the whole new STEPS.

was alittle coincidental.. i came to Pitpit's room !! ((=
for a second, i stunned. this name looks familiar. shucks! who is she??!
ended up calling BeiBei.. omg. but, nothing wrong also. cos thats her ign! xP

&i got raped.

LOls. ok, i mean.. Gazed.
another new command.

i dont know who the hell he is la. but heck, just accept and try since everything is so alien to me !

&another one, lean command !
oooh, i saw it now. he's NicS.
er, still dont know. ooops.

ok, then i logged off. damn late already.
&came back again during the evening..


danced a song to get the new questS.
&yes, i meant questSSSSSS. never ending ones.

&of course, the free baby quest for the girls whom are married (&still together) before the Evo patch..

Fruit of Love.
Abit siannn halved. the quest has to be done with partner.
as you have known by now, ice got banished to the BC era. so i have yet to see him... for ages.
so i guess, this quest, would stay there.. forever..? LOls.

seriously, to find a proper Couple mode room.. is soo tedious !
got kicked out, got afk-ed, got no game, got blahblah.. so many rooms, but none are playing.

finally managed to get a room.. and cleared one pathetic couple quest from my list.
oh well, better than nothing. anyway, the effect damn pretty ! dont you agree? (=

&yesyes !

i joined their club !
got spammed by so many people.. ahahhahs, i played hard to get sia.
later no one invite me, then i GG.

went around to kpokpo seesee..

&thats my carcar and dwlqn !
oooh, if you were to look carefully, Dior and Damian are hiding behind.
my sweetie pie..!

i miss this.. totally !
everyone playing together once again..
this time.. with babies.. !!

was stoning in the room, looking at their chats..
&the small little envelop icon appeared !

silly girl.
i love you.

21 oct 2o1o

continued my exploring.. because i am definitely not done yet !
and i found out something new !

hmmm, 4k Challenge.
a VS game? no idea. i tried playing it with myself.
of course, i won -.- because the top Red-Blue bar, was based only by my own score.

oooh, and i went to play with coupons !

cool eh?
be it the skateboard or past seasons items..
all eggg-citing !

lols, ya la ya la.
i only got one.
but i am left with not much rcoins too !
so just buy and spin spin for fun.

ooooh, and guess what i got !!

4th prize !!
wooo lalallal ~
&it got me so damn excited la !

ended up.. speakers again, tsk.
damn speaker luck la this dodo.
oh welllll, at least this time i got 20 speakers instead of only 10! -.-

went over to look for beloved..
and took a peek at the little handsome ;D

he has a lolli of his own somemore. *Jealoussss.
my lolli expired in my bag liao lo, ahahahs!

hmmm, and i look through the mall.
dont think i can buy anything with only 250rcoins...?

heh, yeaps.
so play coupon lo..

anyway, speaker luck.
so no need ss for this, tsk.

&the never ending couple quests are getting up my nerves.
so i camped at lobby and searched for couple mode rooms.
seriously not easy to get one.

but i still managed to get one though..

&i got a handsome white prince !
ahahhahhas. eh! i managed to clear quite a lot of couple mode quest with him actually.

scarly he is also using me to complete his couple quest, lols.
but anyway, thanks to whoever he is..!

23 oct 2o1o

kind of rare.. to have everyone online !
hmmm, not exactly everyone. but most of us at least !
so we decided to bring forward our christmas calebration !

sigh, time flies eh.
was editing these ss.. and it made me feel so deja vu.

everyone is getting ready for chirstmas ! :D
look at pretty Dior ! she must be very excited to see soooo many santas!
this "early Christmas" is soooo HoHoHO !

was busy positioning myself, changing clothes this and that..
&the little envelop appeared again.

but this time. from a very rare person... !

wooooo.. dwlqn sent me Hide&Seek...

thats HideSeek!
ahhh, that little cat that everyone has on their head ^^ xiexie.
cool eh? this cat actually has a name.. HideSeek.

&guess where is it hiding...? -.-

HideSeek is shytting on my head !

ooh, you heard the bells ringing..?
Santa Claus is coming to town !

Getting all ready to grab out reindeer and head off .
Better not be late.. or else, little children wont get their presents on time !

*vroooom vroooom
new era Santa doesnt use reindeers anymore.
Scooters are used instead.

&i maxed my settings..
look at the lovely reflections on the floor !

awwwww, my poor wenyi is crying again.
darling hush hush..

carcar very eagerly setting off !
together with Dior.
aww, sweetie pie is going together with mummy to distribute presents !

&damian too !
*pinch pinch*

the happy family is ready to set off !

it seems like it was yesterday that we were celebrating christmas at the Rave Party..
with all the ss and madness and fun and joy..

these babies are soooo cuteeeee !
you will know why after you seeing the following....

thats beloved with linlin !
super big head. linlin's head is bigger than beloved's .

&another one, that i loved to the max !

awww, hush hush.
my wenyi.. mummy's scolding you again...?
*sayang sayang. dont cry..

LOls ! this is classic ok !
its as if tuzi's scolding wenyi, "gM come out!"
&poor little wenyi, "mummy, i dont know where gM is.. ... .."

my little wenyi playing with his chouchou.
super cute.. wenyi's tired already.
time to say good night to all the jiejies ! ;D

&we were discussing that i should get my baby soon..
but my quest has to be done with ice.

so dwlqn and tuzi were saying that i need not complete it with ice..
&since i didnt try the quest before..
maybe i could get it done without him !

&tuzi rushed off to use boon's account and played it with me ^^

owh, of course.
cant be done.. because the quest requirement is that i need ice.
the system quite smart after all. mei you ren cuo ren.
what a stupid requirement this quest has, tsk.

look at the two HideSeek !
just alittle more.. and we can make them kiss !
ahahhahhs, babe! why cant i get a nice proper ss with you de huh??
your ss always turns out damn funny de...
LOls !! ok, but that is why i love you narh. ((=

finally one sweet and loving one

my wenyi.. too cute.. that baobei couldnt resist the temptation..

so he rushed over and gave wenyi a kiss !

24 oct 2o1o

&another new scene was brought in..

quite cool, because the screen behind occassionally captures your dance moves !
sorry about the obscene pose.. but the main idea is that the screen behind.

dodo is on tv !

oooh, and another baby has came to STEPS Evo.(=

yeaps !
the first baby that i witness ((=

&its a Baby girl ! ~

look at the two little professor.
discussing some research..?
or talking about wenyi's little meimei..?

thats wenyi and wenjing !
&smexy mama !
*nose bleed.

so the couple was busy with their baby matters..
got bored..
&dude logged in !

*nose bleed

paper cranes for dude!
oooh, paper crane is the new item from mall.
supposed to use the wrapping paper received from quest and make it into paper cranes or smthg.

so, to thank beloved for her paper crane..

dude gave her a Bigggg Huggggg !
ahahhahas. awwww.

took the limelight away..
ok, back to wenyi.

preeettttyyy girl !
just like her mummy !

gong gong de..
just like her mummy !

so cuteeee !
just like her mummy !

wenyi yao guai guai..
jiejie feed you candy flossss ((=

25 oct 2o1o

&the long waited moment is here !

players with babies, has this coupon everyday.. and by collecting them daily..
one by one, day by day...

*vroooom vrooooom ! ;D

awwww, tmm !

little wenjing hungry le..
smart girl ! she knows how to hold her own milk bottle le !
*patpat on her head.

wenjing: mummy, 抱抱 !
awwww, this ss is so sweet.
alittle disorganised, but at least its "natural" !

*whispering sweet talking to wenjing

wenyi, the naughty boy.
carrying his chouchou everywhere.. rolling everywhere..
even on the sandy sand !
*shakes head.

boon giving me wenyi to baobao! :D
Yayyyyy !

qiii baaa jiuuuuu
quiiii baaaa jiuuuuuuu
Qiii Baaa Jiuuuuuu
awww. my sweet little linlin.

ps, beloved. this is the "no face" that the guy was refering to that day.

dodo loves you &you &only YOU !
*muackssss !

omg. i spent 4.5hours doing the ss and the post.
*nose bleed.

♥ Dodo missed you at 3:48 PM.

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