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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy Moo Moo Year!!~


I have no idea what is it all about.. But Linlin told us to go her room to see fireworks.. So kpo de dodo of course go see see la XD

Light up the 鞭炮 。。。

Huart ar!!~
And if you are observant enough.. you would realise something.. Crazy cano is at the corner of the room
As if the fire cracker will bomb him or something!

O.o and Luvie gave me a pacifier! Hee.. But i cant bear to use it leh.. Later like my lolli then will expire le.. So most probably keeping it.. Wait for one liang cheng ji ri.. then i will use it C=

west, please take care of yourself leh.. =X

♥ Dodo missed you at 12:30 AM.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Move on !!

21 July 2009

the facebook craze is back!!

ahhahahs.. No idea what actually happened.. All of a sudden everyone started exchanging emails and what not.. Before I realise.. They are all in my Friends Request list =P Now i dont know who is who liao lo =X

and then.. our dearest tuzi created a Evil世界 group for us at fb too =D

*support support*

22 July 2009

Solar eclipse shrouds Asia in cloak of darkness

Guess everyone would have heard about this. Yupx? Actually i was not really very intrested in it or whatsoever.. But was merely out of curiousity.. So I woke up EARLY specially to see the eclipse!!

.. and it was raining.. ..

Chey!!! ~ Anti-climax lo..
Of course.. I went back to bed lo.. Nothing to see also what XD

370 solar eclipse enthusiasts in Singapore stay indoors due to rain

.. and and I had durians again!! =P

this time one is the small small ones..
Super cute la!! Just the size of a palm..

Anyway, on a side note.. Dodo didnt manage to see west again..
Sob =C

Ahhahhahas.. so dodo started to spam west's fb.. and also some random chats with tuzi! i tell you ar! this rabbit really hops de la! both of us were leaving post at the walls of her profile, my profile, west photo and Evil group.. and my msn keeps popping out email notifications from fb.. continously??! like non-stop??! i am not even done with one comment, the notification already popped out at the bottom of my screen saying i have a new email. =/

tsk! should i say that tuzi is fast, or dodo is slow? =.=

23 July 2009

i have got something to confess.. .. ...

promise not to tell anyone ok....?

cos i am only telling you wor.. .. .. . . .


ok.. i wanted to tell you something very important..

i managed to see west le !!!!
Muahahahhahahahahs!! =DD

so happy can??! went online at about 5pm+.. so i camped at lobby and went to surf fb. till about 9pm+ west came online lo!!

hee.. anyway, new mall items are coming up!!
Check this out!!
so most likely i shall wait for this upcoming one before i decide on the clothes to buy ^^ hmm.. mine more or less settled liao, just hoping to find one appropriate one for west jiu ok le!!~

Yay!! Happy Happy Happy!

♥ Dodo missed you at 11:28 PM.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Absence makes Dodo's heart grow fonder

分隔两地,也可以传给你 ~

随时随地,我也可以感觉得到你 ~

♥ Dodo missed you at 12:40 AM.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Take Care My Love ~

Dodo Is Back!
F.i.n.a.l.l.y =P

So long never come blog le.. Dayssss passed just like a routine =X
Sleep Work Dinner Online Sleep Work Dinner Online Sleep Work Dinner Online..
Just that day.. I was lying in bed.. Cant sleep.. With an empty mind.. Staring at the ceiling..
Something damn random just strucked my mind.. I realised.. I very long never watch tv le hor???!

*write halfway. hand itchy. went to login.*

Soon after MrsEvil logged in!!! ^^
Too long never see her in game liao la..
Suddenly just kept staring at her chains.. Then dodo kept missing XD

MrsEvil say baby very cute!! ArrRrrR!!
*pinch pinch*
Got to wait till BabyEvil 1month old.. Then we can meet up lo =P
This time round.. Confirm not see MrEvil liao.. XD

O.o By the way.. The format of the game.. Or rather the wordings have all changed to English!! No more cheena liao XD On one hand, should be happy.. Cos that is what we are waiting for.. But on the other, I dont know all the commands!! ArrrRrr!! My 飞吻 no more command liao.. Just type normally can le. *pui*

Mr west is sick.. =C
Very long le.. Ever since.. Hmm.. I dont know. That day I was sick.. Then I recovered and the next day he came to tell me he is sick.. Ya. That day lo =X Ahahhahhas! I dont know when la! Very very long 就是了。 My poor thing de.. Mc finish liao still got to go back work.. I dont understand lo.. Sg you go see doc, tell him you flu/fever, straight away 2days Mc liao XD Why he cannot extend his mc =C Somemore his is REAL sick la.. Not like *ahem*.. Go polyclinic anyhow geng and say not feeling well or what mahh.. ... .. .

So many ss to edit. All left in my folder.. Dont know when will have time to do the editing..
Never mind. Soon la XD

因为Dodo心疼你 ~

♥ Dodo missed you at 12:07 PM.

Friday, July 10, 2009


6 July 2009

came home late after work..
so didnt play steps..
decided to go online and disturb west since he is in "Online" status.. XD

chat chat chat.. then out of no where he became very random... ... .. . ..

Dodo ji tao *roll of my chair*

Lame liao lo.. This is call L.a.m.e.

Suddenly no idea how to react.. Imagine such stuffs coming from him..

Ahahahahas.. Wo de mutou shi cute de looooh... =P

8 July 2009

Dodo went gai gai C=
Hee.. Met up with Tuzi.. and we spent a very romantic (sort of) whole day together XD

Started off your date at JP..

Met at JP for lunch and did some shopping..

Shopping List for the day:

1. MsSilly's Grad bearbear

2. BabyEvil's present

3. Something special for MrsEvil.. but cannot find leh =X

Got our desired bearbear at a "I-cant-remember-the-name" shop for Silly..
Cute cute Tatty bear.. added with a final touch of pink ribbons ~

*covers ears before someone screams*

cedits: Tuzi.
Koped from Evil blog cos she is not online to send me the pictures XD

But but.. The Tatty bear very cute right!!!!!!!
*screams together with someone*

And also, not forgetting the cute set we got for BabyEvil..
Damn cute la..!! ~
It is so small size somemore..
It comes in a set somemore..
It is pooh somemore..

So we headed of to NUS..
And met MsSilly !!~

Hmm.. Took a few photos with the Graduation girl..
Photos are with Tuzi.. So might post up..
If not I will just post Silly in her grad gown up.. AHHAHAhas!
*the aura around her is so different.. her special day mahh.. got the 飘飘然+ sense of achievement 的感觉*

Then Tuzi and Dodo had nothing to do.. So we camwhored with whatever natural resources that were around us..

Tsk! Beloved honoured ba!!
For the sake of you.. I am actually putting up my photos on my post blogs!! =P

*Dodo lazy to upload one by one.. so collage them la hor.. *
Psst. Tuzi, the rest I will send you when I see you online C=

Plus, tuzi taught me this!!!
So cool la.. ahahahahas =D
That's tuzi!! (=

Headed off to visit MrsEvil at KK.. =DDD
Damn exciting la.. the journey to the hopsital is like.. .. . . Damn exciting jiu dui liao la.

AntiClimax de lo.. Initially thought BabyEvil not out yet also never mind, at least can pei MrsEvil.. Ended up.. We cant go in visit MrsEvil.. So Tuzi and Dodo went "specially" to see MrEvil.. and pei him have dinner.. =X

Other than his imaginative wings story and "just kick la!!" Evil club conversation and nicely planned childhood for BabyEvil, equipped with guns and weapons and his "tong ku" during these few days at the freezer room.. MrEvil is actually quite easy to get along with.. C=

9 July 2009

Congrats to BabyEvil's official Arrival!!!~
MrsEvil 辛苦你了!!

*heart heart*

west, dodo 想你 =C

♥ Dodo missed you at 1:40 AM.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


My clothes are going to expire soon!!!!!!!!!!
in.. er.. in less than 1 day!!! the timer is counting down..

*tick tock tick tock*

I think west should be either expired or expiring also... .. ..


anyway, babyevil not out yet.. Anticlimax.. Tsk! =X
plus, Congrats to MsSilly for your graduation !! ~

photos up.. er. when i am free ba..

dodo miss missing west.. oops! Ahahahahhahhas!!

♥ Dodo missed you at 12:50 AM.

Monday, July 6, 2009


Welcome BabyEvil!!!~
*pinch pinch*

♥ Dodo missed you at 10:51 PM.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

what to do now?

i wana post pictures..
but the blogger is throwing tantrums..
just like what dodo always like to do XD
i lazy to upload the pictures on image host then link up the image.. waste my space..
aRRrRRr!! i dont know what to do now!!!!!!!

no one online..
so hopeless..
no elaine.. no tuzi.. no west..
then dodo dont know what to do le.. ..

west and my clothes going to expire le..
got to start finding clothes..
but.. ... Got Nothing De Leh.. .. ..
forcing me to buy rcoins.. *excuses* ahahhhahahs!
cos cos choose so long.. still nothing 看得上眼。they did it on purpose de lo!!
cos still have to factor in the randomed colour..
so long liao.. still no updates of the mall..
but these few days ot ot.. soon i got extra savings.. then can buy for west and also for myself liao ~ =P

then i thought of just buying back last time expired ones.. at least the colour will be like last time..
then i realise.. west deletes all the expired items.. =C
sigh... then got to take up the intense pressure of not knowing what colour it will end up to be.. ok la.. it might be a blessing in disguise.. he may get a nice colour this time.. or maybe he will "get new clothes" since the colour different mahh..

talking about expiring..
MY LOLLI EXPIRED LE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so sad la..
so yesterday night.. no. or rather this morning..
this early morning was the last time sucking it..
and the last ss i took.. hmm. wait i go see..
was with tuzi and shadow!!! in the room.. at the sofa.. while we were taking our class photo..
then we were comparing makeup.. and eyes and what not..
and i took a close up of tuzi and shadow and not for myself!!!!

pardon me for the lengthy wordy post lo..
not my fault.. i wanted to post pictures.. but blogger funny funny de..
i click "Done" liao.. but the picture didnt come over the post..
so in short. no pictures.

o.o i remembered what i am supposed to do le..
continue shopping XD
but damn useless.. i choose alone. west not online.
then dont know later he like it mahh..
but he is the 一家之
so still must ask him to choose..
in the meanwhile, i choose a few then get him to filter.. =P

you are the reason that i breathe..
you are the reason that i still believe..
you are my destiny..
Jaiho ~~

no there is nothing that can stop us..
nothing can come between us..
so come and dance with me..
Jaiho ~~

west, 你在哪里?? =C

♥ Dodo missed you at 3:29 PM.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Missing You ~


Dodo officially sick liao =C
Took off today.. Climb out of my bed.. Came online.. Ended up..
Inside not even a single people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tian ar........ .... .....

Went forum.. Realised tuzi having exams today..
Studing sucks.. Exams sucks more.. Getting results sucks even more..
At the end of the day, we are just getting that PIECE of paper.. ..
Well, that is life ba..

Also, Congrats to kisser and Belle!!~
祝你们俩夫妻白头偕老!Hee.. =P

♥ Dodo missed you at 2:29 PM.

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