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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sick Poisoned Dodo

was browsing through my ss..
and i dont think i posted this before??
ahahhahhahhahs! that's the good thing about having randomed colours =X

♥ Dodo missed you at 12:19 AM.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

16 Dec 2009

dodo logged in..
and she saw the little envelop blinking at the side of the window..
*was wondering what could it be this time*

frantically went to click the blinking icon..
and to my surprise.
dodo saw beloved's name !!!


hee.. still got love letter de o ~~

and.. dodo's xmas present !!!
Wheeee ~~
i knew it that dodo is a good girl ^^
i got 5 xmas socks from beloved ((=

that's beloved !
hee.. with her evolving strawberries hairpin !
and blink blink ring =P
*ouch my eyes. that 10 carat diamond.*

beloved say that the 5 socks were appetizer..
main course has yet to come..
we were at my expert 7.. and beloved went to loud..

hee.. so cute la!!
and here comes the main dish..
as quoted from Elaine, "and dodo gets tuzi for xmas"

so cute la!!!
thou i may be a little heavy.. at least i know that tuzi is always there for me.. and since it is a gift from beloved.. it forms.. a Tuzi with Beloved's soul. Lolx! i may sound greedy.. but i still need them both.. be it rain or shine.

o.o was kind of surprised that ice is online actually.
hee.. he doesnt have to report work today. so he is at cc with his friends ((=

i like this pic!!
cos it seems like ice is looking at bunny and.. look at the eyes.. ice is looking at bunny !!
ahahhahhahs!! its like "eh. what is this weird thing doing here??"

ok. my bad. i tricked him again
xP ahhahahhahhas!!

with lots of hugs and kisses..
showered with love and care..

we finally got together

the whole process was damn funny..
ahahahahhs. never mind.
that is our little secret. xP

Played quite a few rounds of couple.. did some quest with him..
and.. i decided to give my last cake to him too ^^

(sorry about the slow reaction. ice gobbled up the cake.)

and in return..
dodo got tulips !!

that was how we met each other the 1st time ((=
in the same room.. ((=
on the same sofa.. ((=

just that now..
you are mine and i am yours. ((=



That is Ic3Evil and Dodo..
with petals formed Heart
a room full of tuzi

♥ Dodo missed you at 9:48 PM.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Xmas Patch (=

forgot to introduce..
my puurrplle outfit ((=

Mist: 500 points
GM Elf Skirt: 800 points
Sparkling Star: A gift from beloved ((=

And the new patch.. Hmm. The Xmas patch !


Took a few group photos with my loved ones..

Dodo. Tuzi. Elaine. Yueyue.
Lolx!! Beloved's Moooooo.. is looking at 4 prretty girlls ((=

Yueyue. XiaoRe. Elaine. Dodo.
Ahahhahahas! Mooooooo excited liao.

hmm. ya. he logged in and did my quest again.
he pro liao.. or i noob le =(
he completed my two 5star quest - Joyful Elf and Speedy Kid
and a few others.. i cant remember =X

Roger !!!!!!!!!!!
Tata !!!

♥ Dodo missed you at 10:02 PM.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Boo !

Tuzi: she is the reason why i loved Boo ((=

3pm plus..
logged in game again.
and west is surprisingly online.

hmm.. no more ((= this time.
i dont know why am i avoiding him.
dont ask me why. i would like to know the reason too.
i dont know why is he calling me dear.
dont ask me why. i would like to know the reason too.
i dont know why he said that he is my sweetheart.
dont ask me why. i would like to know the reason too.
i dont know why i really didnt want to accept your bristlegrass.
dont ask me why. i would like to know the reason too.

somehow.. i sensed fear.
an unknown fear which dominated everything.

yes, i always wanted you back by my side.
but i just dont feel right having you in the same room with me.
i wanted to run when you came into the room. but the game started.
i wanted beloved to save me out of the room.. but she joined the game instead.
(Lolx ! Silly girl.)

went back exp07 and sorted out my thoughts..
and i think perhaps, i know the reason.
do show me a sign if i am wrong about the reason..?

♥ Dodo missed you at 6:28 PM.

Monday, December 7, 2009


Hellos (=

Today is Monday !!
.. and i am not supposed to be online.
.. but i solved my bluescreen issue with the help of beloved.
.. so i logged in to try if it is solved.
.. and i think it is working ((=

Hee.. and to my surprise, beloved was online!!
silly girl. bought me so many pairs of heels..
cos cos.. i told her i keep getting pink heels.
and i want a purple heels for my new purple outfit.

that's how silly my beloved is

and i ended up getting.. 13 pairs of shoes !
ahahhahahs ! =P
all in different shades and colours and what not..
yes.. lots of Pink =X

and and i managed to get one!!!
Preeettttyyy !!!
*heart heart*

so beloved decided to join in the fun. and bought herself a pair.
.. .. and the 1st thing she told me was. "beloved you are going to kill me"
.. .. she got a lavender one !!! DAMN CHIO CAN!!! OMG!!!

so i decided to tell my dearest exp07 gM that i want a heels just like beloved's..
and guess what??
the next i opened.. IT IS REALLY A LAVENDER ONE!!!

lolx.. i wonder if it is really gM..
or pure coincidence??

Proudly Presents to You !! ~

Hee. Jealous leh ! Pretty right??
I think it is.
It's a swwwwwweeeeetttt little heels. ((=

then then.. we decided to try out something.. ...
something that took us like ages to perfect it..
i got to say.. beloved is damn skillful.
so i just sit there.. and let her adjust.

and beloved had the petals effects..
so we.. ..
Xian Nv Xia Fan Lo
*wink !

boredboy came gate crashing into my exp07 room.
ahahhahas. and he got himself occupied!
nothing will be bored with beloved !

and more..

and even more.. ..

took a photo with the lead today

ahhahahahas !
boy went off le..
so we continued with out diy smooching..
hee xP

*muaaacckkks !*

time to say goodbye.
and for once, both of us did it together !

evening. on fb.. then west came online..
msned me.. and came in game ( cos i asked him to xP )

my tulips (=

and so i cleared all my Hao Ren Ka..

and my teddy bear biscuits..

then beloved say she wants biscuits too..
i tried to give..
but the system didnt allow me to =((

and gave my 1st cake ((=

and my 2nd cake ((=

and the mini for the day ((=

he wanted to smooch me.
but i rejected it =X
and i gave him this.. ..

hmm. soon after he went off le.
so i went to stalk and look for beloved's small id !
hee xP

o.o and ice was in the same room!
and so i gave him my 3rd cake !
*wink !

but i didnt manage to ss it down


share his pink rose


had some random chats..
and he asked me to see his profile..
and.. ... ...
zomg !

i am so dead this time.
i just digged my own grave.

nights beloved!
thanks for everything today ((=
*blow kiss for you !*

♥ Dodo missed you at 11:26 PM.

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