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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lolli Dreams (:

16 nov 2o1o

First Evo patch..
Had a little technical glitches when it comes to the auto patch (as usual)..

So i ended up doing a manual one..
Hmm, more signifant ones are the flying wings from coupon 1st prize..
&some baby adding points stuffs.

Nothing much for mall clothings.. Except for one.
I shall do the review some other time.

ooooh, and i suppose there is a new flower??

its super bigggg.. super purple.. super pretty !!
thanks dwlqn for lending your character, lols.

and did i mention that i can sleep..??
oh, I CAN SLEEP !!!
i mean, i have the /rest command now !!!

Yeaps, beloved changed it using her baby coupons !
Yayyyyy !! Thanks beloved !!
dont ask me how, i have no idea too.

hmm, 3days.
better than nothing right ! ;D

&so we had a mass sleeping session..
oooh, everyone else is permanent one.
i am "temporary" sleeping for 3 days, Lols !

and we had a 恶魔在身边~

... a very very evil one.

an angelic one.. as our guardian angel.
to watch over us when we sleep !

the lovely mummies teaching their babies..
qiiii baaaa jiuuuuu !!

im tired. will update the massive ss that i took..
loads of them !
goodie nights..

&lolli dreams my lovely loved ones !

-xoxo Dodo-

♥ Dodo missed you at 10:14 PM.

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