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Saturday, February 27, 2010


His Name: Ic3EviL
Her Name: Dodo

Walked down the aisle together..
Server: Lobby 02 Amateur 07 Room 01
Song: 爱的宣言
Date: 26 Feb 2010
Time: 9.56pm (+8gmt)

Obtained Intimate Partner Number 1680

and got caught by beloved..

baobei replied..
but beloved went off le..

yupx, so that's his reply ((=

a random ss after the wedding..
was playing to complete the new intimate quest that i received..

and to my baobei....
ok. sorry. no ss again. very long never take ss le.. @@

and for his dear...
of course, with ss. ^^

to celebrate our happy little marriage..


♥ Dodo missed you at 12:38 AM.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Tigger Year!!


Happy Tigger Year!!!

and.. a Valentine's Day..? ahhahahas.

so proud of myself!
i managed to stay away from game.. not to log in..
and study for my prelims and exams..!!

Yay!! ^^ V
improving liao. alot of days right!!
i also couldnt believe myself.
*pats my head*

ok. which kind of explains.. why the lack of updates here.
after so many days of not logging in...

it is always very heart warming..
to see that little white envelope blinking at the left hand side when i log in (=

o.o and to see tuzi's name is even rare-er!!
o.o and i got scarfs!!!

eeeee. but it's not for me what.
give people de..

thanks tuzi !!!

ooowh. that's how the scarfs look like (=

so i have 2 of them.. standard de lo.
still got give which two people =X
shall wait till i see them online ba ^^

and from carcar too !!
roses from the daily vday quest.
thanks carcar!!

that's the white roses.
oooh. heard from her that we are supposed to collect 10 of each colour..
so they add up to become one headgear..

eh. ok.
that's about it..

the rest are mails from ice.
*cannot post up xP *

wow!! beloved logged in le!!
that's nice!!

ciao !


and i went to top up, as promised with ice.

cos i am left with 20cubits.
so i topped up twice..
s10.70 = 260 + 5% promo = 273 cubits using the card
s8.23 = 200 + 5% promo = 210 cubits using offgamers
and then..
20 + 273 + 210 = 503
and then..
TaDa!!! so i am left with only 3cubits!!!
just say that i am aunty la.. but i dont want waste my money and leave some irritaing cubits to rot in the account.

anyway. i guess this is the last time i am going to top up le ba.
and i am glad i made this decision.


New Cubit Conversion Rates for Singaporeans

this is stupid.
very stupid.

i have no idea what made them come up with this.
i have no idea why they passed on the costs to us.
i have no idea why didnt they absorbed the increase in cost.
i have no idea if they are liable for this change.. or was it CubiZone.

so i shall officially say, This is my LAST time topping up (=
and i am very positive about this.

hmmm.. shopped around. but i have no idea what to buy.
did chose a few.. but didnt want to buy. cos seems like everyone is wearing it.
so i think.. maybe wait for the soon-to-be-coming-but-only-god-knows-when evolution patch.

hand itchy.
so i went to buy coupons for ice to play..

hopefully he gets his dragon...?
no idea what's so nice about the pet actually.
cos i personally feel.. clothes, pacifier, lolli all these nicer ^^
aiya.. since he likes it, let him be lo. ahahhahaas.

jealous leh.
he got coupons to play.. 5 somemore..
but i got none =(

so i went to buy one for myself!!!!
ahahhahahahs =P
play coupons lo ^^ V

thought of buying the guys one to see the difference.
but finally settled and bought the girls one.
cos cos maybe i got clothes leh!! then guys one need to give away.
i want for myself de xP

Roollllll Rooollll
Huat ar!!!
Gxgx ar!!!

i got the 3rd prize!!!

dodo managed to overcome the speaker luck!!!

MY lollipop.
i draw one leh!!!

suddenly feel that this lolli very cute.
ahahahhas. cos was drawn by myself lehh!! ((=

i see someone.
ice logged in le ^^

(edit again)
back to the roses..

went to count.. and some friends gave me.. and i got 2 or 3 myself..
so heng!!!
just nice 10 !! ((=

so i went to change them..
and i got a white rose headgear ((=

zi lian abit..
take more ss of my new roses..

one more, one more.

see ar!!
if not i dont know when would be the next time i log in le..

later you never see me.. i scared you will miss dodo.

till then.
take care ((=

♥ Dodo missed you at 8:50 PM.

Friday, February 12, 2010

i really didnt mean it..

.. i got something to confess..
.. but i seriously didnt know..
.. really TT

just finished playing with MrLove..
then i saw this at mini.

and it got me damn excited!!!
woolala!! got people want to change couplets for coupons!!!
30 some more!! sucha good deal eh!!?

so immediately i went to open my messy bag..
quick quick went to pm her.

she: uc8 uc11 lc7 lc2 lc6
me: (frantically searching through my messy bag.. Wooolalal~~ i got 3 of them!!!) i got 3 of them, the rest i dont have..
she: @@ what you need?
me: (stupid monkey clapping) i want coupons.. dont want couplets..
she: 1 coupon change 1 ?
me: (happy dao siao.. 1 for 1 exchange!!) ok..
she: ~.~
me: (uhoh. why she gave me that face. i thought she say she got 30 mahh..) u want you come my room.. if dont want also can (=
she: =.= me left 190r only ~.~
me: (draw circle monkey) orhh. then i give you all 3 couplets.. change 1 coupon?
she: == impossible ba ~
me: (@@ then what the hell.. discount so much liao still dont take??) then you not enough rcoins also mahh
she: just now got 200 de~ but buy mini spker
me: orhh. nvm. then just 1 coupon will do.
she: you need fruit ma?
me: hmmm. wait i go see. strawberry.
she: enen i got xD
me: ok ba.. then change strawberry (stupid monkey clapclap)
she: xD i coupon + strawberry?
me: (actually i thought only strawberry lehh.. but walao. she still intend to give me coupon. so i take lo xP ) yupx. i give you all 3 couplets ((=

she happy, i happy ((=

and steady! she really give leh!!
omg ! my 1st transaction made in game ever ... !
i dont know if it is considered as illegal.. but. of course, i gave her my couplets..

go play with coupon le!!!

o.o as usual la..
i have speaker luck nia.

ok.. then i thought i should post my 1st transaction ever..
so went to scroll up to the mini and take ss..

and i realised...

the girl who wanted the couplets..
is NOT the same girl who wanted to give the coupons..
GG !!

the girl who wanted the couplets name = x~(华语名字)~x
the girl who wanted to give 30 coupons = x(华语名字)x

they used the same colour.. and both had the x x in their ign.. and both chinese names.. and so i mistaken it as if it was from the same girl !!!

omg @@ girl! so sorry!! i didnt mean to cheat your coupon la.. but i seriously thought it was the same person. that's why i asked for coupons in exchange for couplets.. i hope you dont blame me.. dont curse and swear behind me.. but but. i gave you 3 couplets also righht =X so, fair la hor =S

next time dont so greedy le.

my samurai kiwi sword !

kiwi is loved!! rich in vit C..
.. but it is just so expensive =(

i want to collect strawberry!!!!!
hmmm. no. enough strawberry le.. but no stick. =.=

10 Feb 2o1o

♥ Dodo missed you at 12:24 AM.

Friday, February 5, 2010

My YoYo Emoticons!!

silly girl!

eeeeeeeee.. and i click the receive.
the timing starts le!! =((
usually need to click to redeem one..
why this one only click receive then start le @@

My Yoyo collection... !!!!! x333

babe, i know you are reading this...
dont send me le nahhh..
later i delete you from my friend list ar @@
keep for yourself.. shop shop kaes...??
cos must cost and benefit.. one week, i only online a few days..
then the timing wont stop de lo.. it's real time. i eat i sleep i dapian, the timing still counting one.. bo hua.. really @@

sob TT
*/blow kiss*
xiexie tuzi x333

♥ Dodo missed you at 12:34 AM.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

No CNY Mood

o2 Feb 2o1o

i left my family.

ice said he created a family.. and would like me to go over..
so i left my current family..

to all my lovely family members..
i still do love you all x33
lots and lots and lots ((=

that's my new family..

and taki gave me lots of fireworks!!!
new ones i think. never see before de...

3 Feb 2o1o

hmmm.. i tried to put one of them.
i cant remember exactly which.. but i cant find the main source of the fireworks.
all the ss that i took.. were only the remains of a few light sparks.. =((

so we ended up playing with the fireworks..
and i wanted to do the same effect that i took with tuzi and pinky..

but they all ended up.. like da pian.
waste my fate fireworks..
i think most probably need a few to spam.. cos 3 of us were putting them at that time, iirc.
then maybe can have such fireworks effects..
oh well.

attempt 1 : failed.

attempt 2 : getting there.. just need to adjust the standing positions abit..

attempt 3 : failed, utterly.

attempt 4 : positions done. but fireworks.. cui.

sian. then ice press start le..
cannot play liao

ooh. and if you realise..
ice got himself a new white set of clothes..

no idea why.. is he so obsessed with black and white..
his world has no colours..
everytime black and white =(

ooohh. and my pretty ice got the yoyo&cici emoticons!!
ahahhaahs. spam liao lo. now every sentence also must put monkey.
ok la. must make the money worth it.. use more use more.. xP

biscuits for my pretty boy x33

flower for his cute girl

and ya.
the new year couplet quest..
have to match the upper and lower couplet.. to get the red packet.
inside the red packet.. you will either get a fruit or a quest or smthg like that..

what i know is..
All These Couplets Are Making My Bag Very Messy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
aRrrrRR!!! i wished i could drag the boxes and arrange my bag!!!!!!
i ended up giving all these couplets to ice..
cos he claims that he keeps getting lower.. while i always get upper.
so... give him lo!!

he gets the upper, he happy.
i get my neat bag, i happy.
win win situation ((=

hey!! i just realised..
the TV is working!! the screen is not black!!!
cos it used to be black.. just like the ss with pinky and tuzi.
maybe steps decided to pay the electricity bills..
so now tv is up ((=

♥ Dodo missed you at 5:59 PM.

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