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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Halloween Night

& of course, there is a new quest to celebrate this ghostly occasion !

hmmm, the quest should not be difficult.
perfect >18. i would say its still do-able.

and again, need to collect the darkness medal.
9 of them would be sufficient, easy eh?
ahahhas, some got them on the first day, *ahem, you know why. xP

day by day, slow and steady..
i got my 9medals !

and after combining them..
selectable gifts !

yayyyyy !!
oh well, i got the pink one.
yeaps, pink is the nicer one.. as compared to yellow one.

the white one is a limited version.
after getting the white one, you would get a scroll then a quest.. and finally a black one.
(information credits to my carcar! i dont have such "ability" to know so much. )

bunny bag: 365days
me being me, i haven redeemed it yet. Lols.

as for the witch hat.. its Permanent !
i guess the hat is also in random colours.. something like the xmas santa hat.

o5 nov 2o1o

mini blinking envelope is loveeeedddd ! ;D

a gift from bunnnieeeeeee ~
i loveee meee laaaaa ! *smoochies.
but why orange.. ... she gave me orange...
oooh, orange is filled with lots of vit C !

instructions and usage as above.
i haven redeem it.
4 hours ... wo gen bu she de lo..

Till Then !

♥ Dodo missed you at 1:45 AM.

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