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Friday, May 29, 2009

When Things are Not Appreciated

Sometimes I do wonder should I be nice to my students.. Really lo.. I mean.. Some "thick skinned" ones, after each level, they will pm me, telling me they have levelled, and where is their gifts.. I am not exactly that rich lo.. I will try to fulfill their wish if it is within my ability or purchasing power..

Student graduated.. So I gave him a pet.. I am super niao one lo.. Even when Zupid is hungry, and I have to buy her that Magicial cake, I will heart pain de lo..! Now what more it is a 10k to 40k pet??! But I thought, should give them something for their effort what. So they happy, I happy, everyone happy~

But today, I went to see Student's profile, apparently that pet is gone?? I am very positive that he hatched that pet.. Cos I saw it. But now, the pet is G.O.N.E??! So I suppose the pet is released??! There goes my gold le.. .. .. I mean, here am I trying my best to make everyone happy. So the least you should do is to appreciate it?

I know that the pet belongs to you at the very minute I clicked "Give pet as goft" and "Confirm". But still.... .. . ZZzzZzZ. I feel abit *no words to describe*. Maybe after my students graduated, I should delete them from my friend list.. Let them lead their "own life"..

Would that be a better idea?

west.. bring Dodo to a far-far-away land, please .. .. .. .... .. .?

♥ Dodo missed you at 1:09 AM.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

H.a.p.p.y C=

Whee~ west is online west is online west is online west is online ~ =D

Came home.. Online.. Then in less than 5min..
-Family west log in
-Friend west log in
C= So happy ^^

Was playing with student.. So west came in and join us.. Then mars.. Then Jes.. Ok. I admit something.. Student really pro de.. Actually, ya. The 1st time I met him, he managed to chain already.. As time goes by, his chains increases as well.. Hmm.. Exponentially even =/ west managed to win him once though =DD But after a few rounds, everyone left le. Cos of student's chain.. Ended up west say he bug..which is similar to hack I suppose? I do not know wor. If you ask me, I would say it is.. His Own Ability. Played with him for quite sometime le.. I know his level of standard.. Unless he has been using the so-called bug the very moment I got to know him, I would think it is definitely not the usage of bug.

I think Steps is totally No Beat de lo.. As long as you aim zun zun the bar, confirm will chain de. Some songs is totally off beat and yet some can chain like crazy.. The beat is wayyyyy offfff and when people chain, it is like.. *speechless. you really have no sense of rhythm* =.= It is unlike Audition, whereby you go by rhythm or beat. That is why, or rather I would say, if you managed to chain in Audition, I think it would definitely be more zai.

west, rest well and sleep tight ^^

♥ Dodo missed you at 11:39 PM.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


22 may 2009

Chiong level ar!!! =X Came home after exams.. Then go forum awhile.. After that went in game.. west not online again =C Dont know where he go wor. Played with student Danceboy cos he 心情不好。 O.o he levelled very fast wor!! Now level20 already! C= Then invited him to Evil club also. He promised he will 乖乖, so I let him in. C=

And I levelled to 50 already!! And then 51!! Hee.. Luckily got the x6 and x4.. Played with club members. And tuzi's friend.. Foxfox, Panadol, Aceace.. No more liao. Got alot of nice nice songs now. Wonder when will west be online and 陪我一起玩。。。

Anyway, I played with Foxfox till about 3am+. Ahhahaas. Foxfox, 谢谢你~

west, 晚安 ^^

23 may 2009

Managed to do the patch on Jie's lappy.. Finally.. . .. So I went in and played for awhile.. Yeah.. Really Awhile this time. Kind of bored of hopping in and out of rooms.. What more getting kicked when I win a game =.=

Sick and tired of counting the days I have not seen west.. Or rather, I have lost count of the number of days.. So many things to tell him.. But the feeling just dies off when I dont see him online..

Panadol left club =C I dont know why.. For some reasons known to probably Panandol himself and Tuzi.. But Tuzi managed to persuade him back into club ^^ Tuzi is sucha a babe.. I promise to woo her if I were a dude man! XD

west, 没有你的日子让我不知所措。

24 may 2009

Finally west is online!!~ So happy!!~

Played a few rounds of pranks with club members.. About 4-5 songs ba..Then west got to go le... . . . . . .. . =C =C =C

Sighhh.. So I went to lobby and afk.. Chat with Danceboy. O.o and he level 25 liao!! Graduated lo!! I guess he is the fastest one!! =D So I bought him a Handsome Wolf. Hee.. Then went back to room to play dual with 爱x3 and Elaine&Orange. Managed to win the chainer couple a few rounds.. =P

Yay!! And I levelled again!!AHahhahahhas..

west, dont you miss Dodo at all????

♥ Dodo missed you at 9:30 PM.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Resist the temptation!!
ZzzZzZ. I cant.

Evil blog is up!! C=>>>> Click click!!
Happy Sha La La La~ Thanks tuzi for everything^^

Damn funny thing. MrsEvil Got Banned From The Cbox Due To Spamming! Lolx.. Super cute lo. I mean the blog not even officially launched for like 5min and she got banned already? Hee.. Anyway, Tuzi unbanned her already. So Mrs is back to tag =D

(As usual) west is not online today.. So I played with club members.. my students.. O.o and megkel graduated!! Congrats girl! Wanted to buy her a pet.. but she dont want.. Weird eh? Other students haven even graduated, demand me to give pet or upgrade pet for them or buy this or that.. She graduated le but dont want anything. Hee. If all my students were to be like her ... ~

Abcdefg. Ok. I think my brain not working le.Ciao~

west, Dodo 想你哦 ~

♥ Dodo missed you at 8:26 PM.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mixed Feelings

18 may 2009

Pssssst! Come come~ I have something to tell you~

I finally get to see west online =P Hee. Studying halfway till my bird brain cannot take it, so I logged in forum and game.. And I saw west! C= C= C= Watched him play a few songs with Evil peeps.. Then logged off le, cos it is 12am+ and he got to work tomorrow..

I am going off to bed liao. Think I am going to be sick..Swine flu? Choy! *Touch my head* Like my whole body bones going to chui liao lo.. I dunno la.. =.=

19 may 2009

Was chatting in game with Tuzi.. And it somehow made me wonder.. How long will this realtionship between west and Dodo last? There is going to be a day whereby both of us get busy with our own lives.. And soon everything will end up with a "I will be busy.. No time to play already.." I guess this day would definitely come by. It is just a matter of time. Be it sooner or later =/

So.. I am just going to cherish every moments I have with west.. Whatever time I have with west.. Friends are hard to come by.. So cherish them C= It may seem to be just a mere game, but at least our paths did crossed and that is why we met each other.. Who knows one day, our paths might just meet again?

After so long.. Hmmm.. Probably a week or so.. Managed to see west again ^^Played a few songs, then he told me he is going off to fb. He got his elbow injured.. Didnt get a chance to ask him what happened.. Then he *poof* logged off already. Oh well, that is very typical of him anyways..

west, take care of yourself kaes??

♥ Dodo missed you at 11:36 PM.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Let's Just Wait

Guess this is the longest time ever.. 4 days not seeing west =C This time he really got abducted by alien already.. I do see him online in msn occasionally, but he is usually in Busy/Away status, so I didnt dare to disturb him. So these few days, I have been busy hopping in and out of rooms..

O.o and I got to know about the x6 event! Tuzi say all along the x6 event has been there. Hmmm.. I dont really notice about such stuffs actually =X Ahahahas.. So I played with other club members.. Defox, Panadol, Mrs, Mr, Elaine, Orange, Cano.. Hmmm. Other than that, nothing much already. And I managed to level twice! Hee..

Ya! And Evil club is expanding very fast..! Alot of new faces around =/ So I got to start "remembering" faces. Anyway, I got to know a few new friends.

Anyway, there is this new patch for songs. No news about the new game mode or mall items yet.. So got to wait patiently ba C=

west, 你在哪里??

♥ Dodo missed you at 9:50 PM.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Blissful Day

Dodo is a happy girl ^^

1. The organice vege couple is officially in game~
AHahhaas.. It looked quite nice actually. I mean when both of us are standing together.. Not that "odd" as compared to wearing it alone.. It is a blessing in disguise C= (Agree la.. So I can 自我安慰 abit)

2. I gave west my 好人卡!~
Hee.. A.. Very.. Memorable.. Moment.. after sooo loonnnggg C= Now my quest are all empty. New quests, excluding the daily quests, are like once-in-a-blue-moon-then-pop-out-kind. =/

3. ~宇宙_舞厅~ took our 1st family photo!!
But only 6 of us are online.. Tuzi, Lcd, Mars, Lin, Dodo, west. So, 3 couples.. Hmmm. No, 5 people to be exact. Ahhahahas. Cos I was on both Dodo and west account =X I dont really know how to edit pictures like how tuzi does. So mars offered to help to edit and post it on thread C= 谢谢 mars~

4. I have sufficient gold to buy my casual outfit!!
And the colour turned out to be.. Royal Purple (again!) ~ This one is nice. Even west also say it looks nice ^^ and.. s3xy (due to the short short skirt) =/ Cos the top is of a slightly long blouse. So I paired it with boots (ahahahas, that's a Must!) and a hidden shorts. Pretty ba~ Glad that both our casual suit turned out nice.. And our formal wear is coupled.. AHhaahhahas.

5. Cos west care for me~

west, 我今天很开心。。。 你呢?

O.o a note to add on.. Hee. Gotcha!!
Caught tuzi and lcd kissing XD

♥ Dodo missed you at 11:48 PM.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

1 Month Anniversary~

Happy 1 month Anniversary!! ♥♥♥

Ahahhahas.. Apparently west doesnt know the existence of this day =/

Anyway, I bought him the Perfect Uniform..left it as a gift.. hopefully will surprise him once he logins C=

It should turn out like this ^^

Perfect Uniform 4000
Street Teen 4000
Skateboard Prank 6000
Total Damage 14 000


It is hmmm..3am 11 may 2009? Hand itchy, so I login to game.. And guess what?? west is online!!!! AHhahaahahhas.. He opened the gifts le. And he gave me another "shocking surprise". Cos the colour.. Literally L-O-L !!

It ended up like a vegetable.. So green!!~ Looked funny.. So I decided to give him the casual one (which I intended to give him after the Perfect Uniform expires). It turned out.. Hmmm.. Not that bad la. At least the colours are acceptable C= So it is handsome de ~
Actually I have yet to buy for myself.. I wanted to see the outcome of west first, let him be guinea pig =X hee.. So I went to buy..



Mine Turned out Green Too?!??!?!?!?

Karma... . . Retribution.. .. . . I laughed at west too much. So ended up like an organic vege couple @_@ Luckily my skirt turned out pale grey, not FULL green like west =X

Perfect Uniform 4000
Nana 4500
Stripe Secret 2000
Total Damage 10 500

O.o then I realise that I have insufficient gold to buy my boots and my casual set =C west told me to use his account to buy.. But never mind la.. Since we agreed to take turns and buy, so I will earn it for myself ^^

west, Happy 1 Month Anniversary. Hope you liked the gifts =P

♥ Dodo missed you at 11:29 PM.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Life Still Goes On

7 may 2009

Just a short sweet day for both of us.. Played a few songs of 8k dual.. Then west was tired le. So he had an early night..

Sweet sweet love ~

Hee.. Just in case you miss me mahhh... XD

west, 辛苦你了 ~

8 may 2009

Can someone tell me what is with the "you pro, I noob" and "you noob, I pro" thing huh?? So what if you noob? So what if you pro? And then, so what if I noob?? So what if I pro??!

*breathe Dodo breathe*

west says that his top is going to expire soon.. Means I got to hurry earn my points!! Unless I have super chiong students, I dont think there will be sufficient points within these few days to buy for both of us. =C No choice lo. Got to wait till next time.. Luckily I have back up plans - buy the gold ones first C= *hopefully the colour will turn out nice! Or else I will most probably @_@ *

west, 我们有新衣服穿了!=P

♥ Dodo missed you at 10:16 PM.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Why Why Why??

These few days west has been playing 8k.. Training 8k.. I dont know why.. Played a few rounds of dual with him.. Then we went out to other room to play show and complete my quest.. Hmm.. Played a few rounds of team show, I managed to complete my more than 140bpm team show; miss less than 2 quest!! It has been there for ages liao lo.. So happy~

Initiall thought the 4 star reward gift will be a 好人卡 or 饼干.. but ended up.. It is an exp scroll =C I Dont Need Exp Scroll!!!!! I can slowly level!!! I want a 好人卡 or 饼干!!! =C Very long never give west already... . ..

Off to eat dinner.. Came back.. west not playing le.. So we msn lo.. Then I got to know that west doesnt like to eat sushi!!! neither does he like to eat 火锅 !! =C

So I "treated" tuzi and Mrs for sushi.. Aahahhahas~ I wanted to save the conversation actually.. But the msn occured some glitches.. and I had to close the window..

O.o west wants to go West Coast!!~ Hmm.. Fun mehhh??! I dont know wor.. I never go before.. I only know ecp.. Lolx!

west, 人比人会逼死人.. Why are you always comparing scores
with others? Then make yourself so stressed up? Win then win, lose then lose lo.. You noob or pro, Dodo 还是爱你的~ ^^

♥ Dodo missed you at 11:56 PM.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Birthday!!~

4 may 2009

I know I am not supposed to be here.. But I miss west la.. . . ..
Found west playing alone in the room again.. Think he is trying to clear his 8k quest.. and also his 40 perfect quest =C

Played a few rounds duals.. The he got to go send his sis the car or something.. So we played like less than an 1hr but =C Agreed to come back at 10pm+ while I go bathe.. But =C .. Cant use com.. Wireless strength so low.. Cannot even log in msn to inform west =C Felt so helpless =C Only till 11.30pm+ then I went in.. But west offline le..

west, Dodo is very sorry for always letting you wait for her.. Time and time again, we are facing with challenges.. 你是否愿意牵着Dodo的手,和她一起走下去?

5 may 2009

Today is west ah ma's birthday!!~
So.. Happy Birthday to west's ah ma!!~

Starting to lose my concentration.. Cannot tarhan. So I went online at around 6.30pm+.. Soon after west came too =D He was playing his 8k again.. So I didnt go to his room XD 8k is such a torture.... . .. . . . .... Though they may have nice 8k moves, 150bpm 8k is equivalent to D-I-E ~ So west played with the other Evil members.. Soon after i dc-ed like 1756721876529172517625 times, I went over to west's room to accompany him.

west does not like White Horses song.
Dodo does not like that 脱掉 song.
So these two songs are Banned from our song list!!

Hee.. Today club came a new member.. Then west introduced himself as "Dodo's husband".. But the husband is censored.. Too bad !~ =P

Hmm.. Then awhile more, west got to meet his friend.. and I got to have my dinner.. So we both went off..

west, Dodo 爱你哦 ~

♥ Dodo missed you at 9:47 PM.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Just Another Day

Initially I thought I wanted sometime to chill for awhile.. So I thought of not playing till Tue.. But I could not do that.. I could not bear to leave west alone.. So I logged on around evening time.. Awhile later, west came C=

As usual, we played 150-191 dual.. then off to Elvis x8 room.. Did not play much actually.. Then both of us afk.. All the Evil世界 peeps pro de.. Play already also very demoralising.. AHhahahahas~

Hmm.. So about 11pm+ I asked west if he wana play.. And he agreed to play a few more duals alone before we leave =PP Then we managed to chain many many C= So happy !!~

O.o and just now while afk-ing.. As usual, Dodo itchy fingers de, started to change the settings.. My effect was initially "Classic". Then I changed it to "2.0 Version". And the effect is so pretty!!~ The big heart has wings on the 5th charm! Hee.. Usually it would be a bright pink spotlight.. So i told west about it. And he say he already know =/ ok lo.. Means his setting all along is 2.0 Version de =.=

Msn awhile.. and I told him my test dates..

west, 今晚天气很冷,盖被睡觉 kaes??

♥ Dodo missed you at 11:33 PM.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


These 2 days have been camping online.. Hoping to see west log in.. Sighh.. I know I should be studying and doing my revision and playing should not be even in my To-Do list.. But I chose to hide in the room, playing steps since morning..

皇天不负苦心人, west came online!!
*Screams for joy*

I am not sure was it me or was it the internet connection.. I cant seem to perfect =C Ended up my score sucked. But west's attitude was totally.. . .. .. . the minute he actually said that.. imagine such things coming out from his mouth.. imagine my west is actually telling such things to me.. my heart.. totally shattered to pieces liao lo.. .. . .

I dont know to feel angry or sad or disappointed or what.. For a second, I didnt even know how to react?? Here I am trying my best to perfect on this lagging com.. I know you cant literally see me trying.. But cant you at least sense that I am here trying??!

But since you already said that, I 忍 lo. I dont wish to make things worse. So I told him I go change com.. This time I heck liao.. Even if mummy starts screaming and say no com, I also dont care liao.. But ended up, change com also made no difference.. The next few rounds.. Sighhh.. It was kind of obvious that Mrs and Elaine was trying to ease the tension in the room.. "letting us win the game".. *Thanks babes*

Awhile later, west got to go out for dinner.. Before leaving, he apologised.. Then I realised.. It was as if I have experienced 10 hours of agony.. but it took 1 second of west to make Dodo happy once again.. .. .

Initailly I was still brooding over what west said.. but Elaine's climbing-tree technique mad me forgot about the incident somehow.. Thanks, my beloved~ Moreover, west apologised, so... Smile =D

west, please dont say such stuffs to Dodo?? It really aches her heart..

♥ Dodo missed you at 8:26 PM.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Am I Asking Too Much?

west really not online.. Not even in msn =C

I had no more quest to clear.. So I logged on to do west's quest.. Yay~ I managed to clear 2 of his daily quests, 4k show 1.5m quest, and another quest which I forgot what it is. Hee.. Now he has many many reward gift boxes in his item bag.. Hopefully will surprise him! =D

west, I still did not manage to complete that 40 perfect quest =C and also the 8k show 1.5m one.. I will do it for you someday.

♥ Dodo missed you at 8:32 PM.

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