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Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Lil Sweet Post on Loan.

so, after much negotiations..
i decided to lend Dude! a post..
and shall let him have the honour to announce his big day!

dude, all yours now ! (=


erm. thanks dodo.
just in case you dont know me.

this is the pretty handsome dude.. me !
*shy* first time taking ss.

& by the way.
this Gangster outfit is given by my beloved !

oooh. i forgot.
this post is specially dedicated to my ~霖霖~.

i met her today. or rather that day, 15 sept 2o1o.
i was at Lobby 2 Ama 7.

& thats when IT happened ((=
i know just at the moment i saw her in the lobby.
i know she is the one for me.

so i created a room..
&invited her in.

*wolf howls*

eh ! tsk.
i good boy !

we chatted for awhile..
and then..

~霖霖~ kiss was stolen by pretty handsome me !

i plucked up my courage..
&asked for her hand..

& i clicked it !

& ~霖霖~ agreed ! ;D

tada !!
we are happily coupled !

*Love At First Sight !*
@Lobby 2; Ama 7; 10pm.

Presenting to you..


tonight is a special day.
and the moon is especially round.. and bright..
just for the both of us !

heh, of course.
i took the opportunity to smooch my beloved !

we got each other a ring..
which symbolises our eternal love..

star ring for her.
&double ring for him.

last but not least,
the happily purple-d family..

with lots of xoxo

♥ Dodo missed you at 9:28 PM.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

月饼节快乐 !

i think fairy godmother logged in.
but fairy godmother doesnt have cinderella pw anymore.
i think a hacker logged in.
but hacker doesnt steal things from the account.
i think a gM logged in.
but gM doesnt exist in this game anymore.

i remember very clearly that i have 2 mooncakes.
舞 was the first one.
巧克力 is the second one.
then i am left with some remaining mooncakes that cant be combined due to insufficient items.

but today, i wanted to get dressed up for the occassion.
and i realised i have one additional mooncake.
where did it come from?
was i the one who combined it.. and i forgotten about it?

or.. ... ...

♥ Dodo missed you at 10:44 PM.

Manual Patch Client
is up !
hmmm, but most likely i am waiting for the dvd.
cos i want to uninstall the whole of steps.
then install the new one.

1. Lazy download and manual patch.
2. Cant be bothered.
3. Personal preference.

so, shall wait for the dvd.
they deliver late, i play late.
they dont deliver, then i dont play.... ...?
they lost in the mail, then i shall get lost too (=

See ya there (hopefully) !

♥ Dodo missed you at 1:41 AM.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Coming Soon ...

28th September 2010, 12p.m. (GMT+8)

♥ Dodo missed you at 9:20 PM.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Rant it Off !

tsk !
a post to rant it out, hmm..
not exactly anger. cos im not angry.
frustration, no.
hatred, no.
vexation, no.

ok fine.. just something to write it out.
&for me to forget about it.
&have a happy day tomorrow !

that day. out of nowhere, i logged in.
& i became the manager.
shocked. yeaps. very, in actual fact.

so i didnt dare to talk in club..
not that i always talked in club also.
but this time.. i really dont talk anymore.

these few days.. have been trying to wait for gai bang to online.
so that i can ask him why the sudden change of appointment for my post.
but i didnt add him as friend. and i am lazy to constantly check back the club to see if he is online.

logged in today. i forgotten that my wordings were still red.
and i talked in club.
yes, shyt.

blahblah, so they started asking who the hell am i.. saying why i suddenly become manager, which me myself, am looking for an answer. the members were not very nasty.. but just "casual games sarcasms" started.

started to create alot of commotion in club.
1. i was new. nobody saw me or talked to me before or knows me.
2. even new member can be, then old members could have been chairman or even gM already.
3. i didnt contributed anything. (LOls! oops. )

didnt want to create so many unhappiness.
so i resigned. till member.
& i sarcastically wrote "happy?" after that.
AHAAhahhs! so proud of my bravery.

sakayi (i forgot how to spell) and can, whom i am closer to, pm-ed me.
lols. sometimes its just nice to know that there is still someone out there for you (=

i mean to me, manager or not, i dont really care.
then they start comparing levels, win/lose, this and that.
wahhh ! i think that minute, my profile view clicks would have reached a hundred !
they should have told me earlier. then i change into a prettier outfit show them mahh.. LOLS!

i may be having a 70+ level, but that does not mean that i am damn good.
you can give me a 80+ account, but the skills is still like that la.

i agree, some of them out there maybe low levels, because they are using their small ids..
of course, a level 20+ could have won me even though i may be 70+.
i have more lose than win.. uhhuh. so?
i can open small id and just let dodo win.. then my stats will be pretty ! but, whats the point?

aiya, i just didnt want to create so many "unhappiness" in the old members.
member only what. if they see manager as such a "highly" post, then i rather not be.
somemore, inside all kids. i dont want to quarrel with them.

i kept quiet throughout. because..
1. all type chinese la ! tsk.
2. i dont see a point arguing also.

i member, i happy, they happy, everyone happy (=

.. ... ... and then out of a sudden. gai bang logged in.
uhoh, for a sec, i was "shucks".

woah ! sudden spam of chinese characters..

&then my post was reinstated. pm-ed gaibang telling him i be memeber can already.
no worries, because i am totally cool about it.
but he told his members 以后当manager的事你们就不要跟我吵。
woah ! damn wu seh.

i dont know why gaibang has such strong favouritism towards me.
but after much understanding with the members.. i intrepreted as..
High level players &gaibang sees you online, you will get to be managers.

HA ! what a funny rule. gaibang should see me play 240 ! no, 180 will do. =X
then a girl asked gaibang why is he online, when he is not supposed to.
then i realised, gaibang having exams.. he came online because of this.
shucks. gulity. sorry man. i didnt mean it la.

so i didnt want to bother him.. maybe when the commotion quieten down, i will talk to him again.

&he logged off.

then the members were still like asking this asking that..
worse was, one guy asked me to call gaibang back so that he can ask him questions.
i was like wtf ?! so you think i was the one who call gaibang to come online. you think i am a little kid, kena bullied, went to call gaibang and tell him his club members bully me, and hurry come online? *faints!*
yes, i agree someone called him. but definitely not me.

enough of the heavy solemn club politics.

pictures !!

moomoo seems happy !
hee.. ;D

under the protection of my loved ones

10 sept 2o1o

thats the day when i got to know that i was a manager..

tsk! sit until like that..
majiam taking class photo. LOls !

okie dookie.
goodie nights !
&lolli dreams !

♥ Dodo missed you at 12:18 AM.

Friday, September 10, 2010

With Lots of Xoxo from Dodo

yeaps. finally done up with all the ss !
has been leaving them on my desktop.. hoping for the day when i am "not so lazy" to finish up the ss.. LOls.

i managed to download an application..
made my life much easier !
so i thought one day when i am free, i should try it out..

ended up, they have been there for ages.
went to dig up some damn old ss from my 2oo9 folder.

with no order of preferences or biasness..
presenting to you,


♥ Dodo missed you at 4:10 PM.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

《Steps Evolution》

sorry for the long mia. didnt do it on purpose. i have MY life.
steps didnt have the honour to be part of it.. and refused to update nor patch anything.
which kind of explains the spiderwebs accumulating here.
&i am amazed that someone still comes back here to check for updates.. aWwwWw.

anyway, after so many months being isolated from this game.. i managed to step out of the whole scenerio.. &look it through from a 3rd person point of view.. from a bird's eye view. heh, no pun intended !

&i am proud to say that i am out of that shyt..
&i am definitely much stronger..
because i managed to let go, finally. for real.
ya, umpteen times i said it.. but at least i am happy with what i am now &i like it this way (=
because i realise that i still managed to live my life with a smile, without you.

ok, so i went to rummage through my ss folders..
looking through all those ss for the past few months..
trying to recall so that i can do some updates..

saw some ss that i shouldnt be seeing.. saw ss that i took it for gawd-knows-what-reason.. saw some ss that made memories flooding in..

and so, after the big hoo-haa.. &the tone down.
the big hoo-haa is back (hopefully for real this time).
Steps Evolution, yes thats it.

They said it will be out in September.
No specific dates. Just September.

It is all over Facebook.. and their website.. and the request for DVD..
even their interface has Evolution announcements (just like before).

Seems like they are for real this time.. with all the uploads of the Evolution patches and whatnot. Anyway, even if the patch is back, hopefully they will do a good job this time.. &future !

oooh, and even the Forum has changed !

yeah, irritating eh. shades of pink. of all colours they chose pink.
oh well. &just when i thought they are finally gearing up..
i realised that the forum still has spams.
tsk ! & that definitely made me click the red X top right hand corner.

o1 aug 2o1o

and i logged in. hmmm, i dont remember why la !
im just posting according to the ss that i have in hand now.

& beloved was online !

sitting in the room all alone. awwww. poor thing. LOls !
anyway, i managed to barge into her locked room.. it was a random guess, that happened to Bingo !

andand, she had a piglet headwreath !!!
though it was pink, the oinkoink is so cute !!
it made me miss my BearBear alittle actually =(

so according to beloved, it is the July monthly quest.
CooL eh ! i didnt log in for a month plus.. and i missed that cute little thing.
i suppose it is something similar to the flower head wreath.. collecting a few of the same colours, then combining them !

beloved was telling me there is also purple oinkoink !
and then..

a gift of piglets love from Beloved !

owh, they call it Crown, not head wreath.
aiya, whatever la. Lets just call it.. the head thing !

kind of pity.. knowing that it is only valid for 365days..
and the clock is ticking every second.. even when you log off.. even when you are asleep..

but, most importantly..
it is purple !!

must show off show off abit..
& took a ss together with beloved..

oinkoinks are loved ok !

was deciding if i should match it with my 1st red suit or 2nd pink suit.
ooh, the 3rd one cant match, cos the piggy will be covered by the hat.
damn cute !

Tralalallala ~

o6 aug 2o1o

coming up!
the monthly quest for Aug !

blah blah blah.
&the instructions are in chinese again.
i cant be bothered to read la.

something opened, combines with something..
then you will get something, combine with all the things
& tada ! you will get an umbrella !!

heh, anyway. i just left the Tanabata GP in my bag.
with kind of explains why i didnt have any more ss. LOls !

17 aug 2o1o

some random 丐帮 added me to their club !
hmm. didnt want to "drag" the club in.. cos i am mainly inactive.
so i pmed him and kindly declined his offer.

oh well, he was rather nice.. didnt mind about the inactive-ness.
maybe i was there to "fill up the slots" eh? club level 3. with only 100+ members.
mostly quitted or 丐帮 kicked. =X

& the worse thing is.. they speak in chinese !!

glad that they understood eng, and was kind enough to reply in eng.
occasionally, i do reply them in chinese also la. just that it took me slightly longer time to type.

hmmm, afterall a bunch of nice people.
Dodo is finally out of her shell.. to embrace the world !!
Out there alone.. to 闯江湖

23 aug 2o1o

he is a bloody retarded scammer.

glad that taki was there to save me.
glad that i didnt fall into his scam.
luckily pinky and a few others was there to alert me.
thanks everyone -xoxo-

pui. bloody.
bluff-er !

so i redeemed the fairy stick for myself !
bleh !

26 aug 2o1o

oopps. guess i am loggin in more &more often eh !
hmmm, remember the Sept quest that i didnt bother to read..?

yeah, i logged in whenever i have the time to do the quest.
completed them, and just left the box in my bag.

&finally my saviour came to enlighten me.
7 pieces of cloths of the same colour and 2 piece of wood.
combine them, and you will get a Umbrella as of the colour of your cloth !

two kinds to choose from, one is giftable while the other is not.
chose the wrong ones initially, and wasted quite a few cloths.

yeaps, so beloved and me started to do our quest..
so that i can make my purple brolly !!
abit retarded. i keep getting blue, pink, white.
no sight of purple nor wood.

beloved was damn fast !!
while i was busy doing my quest, opening my boxes..
beloved managed to get purple cloths and wood !

with the aid of beloved, &riceyy &dodo &dude..

i hereby proudly presents to you..

My Purple Brolly !!

awwww. its another 365 limited kind.
how sad. why cant they just make it permanent ??!
i couldnt bear to redeem it yet, after knowing its 365 days again.

hee, beloved got tuzi back too!
& so we all have brolly !

pink for tuzi, purple for dodo, white for beloved.
Yay-ness !

i still have some leftover cloths..
hopefully can find some kind soul out there for wood.
then taki can complete her brolly too !

o2 Sept 2o1o

the night when the room was filled with craziness.

aint i glad that i am spectating..?

&i managed to take a ss with carcar !!

hmmm, cant remember if i took an individual ss with her before..
but this one.. definitely never before !
because.. dodo is taller than carcar for once !!
ahahhahas, cheap thrill !

but the whole thing was ruined when that chicken came into carcar's room.
tsk! i didnt even remember his existence until he barged in.

o7 sept 2o1o

*nom nom noms*

thanks beloved for making my world soooo purple !! ((=

wow. i took 2.5hours to do this.
LOls ! thats so loonngg !!

♥ Dodo missed you at 10:40 PM.

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