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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sushi is Loved !

o7 june 2o1o
-side track alittle-
This post has nothing to do with Dodo in STEPS.
If you are not interested, you can just proceed to close the window.
Thanks !

cant log in game since they are having some maintenance..
so i decided to post up some food for treats !

hmmm. cos during the exams, i was craving to make and DIY sushi.
& JieJie agreed that when my exams are over.. and during the June holidays when she has no school, we shall do it together !! (=

and so we went to ntuc to grab our stuffs..
oooh. actually this is our virgin attempt in doing sushi.
er. totally clueless what to get because we have totally no idea.
and we were so glad that there is a JAPANESE section..
so we grabbed our stuffs mainly from that section only. ahhahahs!

i told JieJie i want asparagus.. and she took it without asking any questions !
hee ^^ she's paying mah, so not really nice to just grab and put in the trolley..
oooh, actually i took a packet of Ruffles without asking her =X ahahhas!
but ended up, didnt buy cos we were over our budget.

so we came home.. and started preparing !

.Preparation in process.

waiting for the rice to cook..

no pictures.
i didnt want to dirty the camera.

and finally, Tada !!

and i think our greatest saviour for the day is the Powered Sushi Mix !!

seriously, its the main crucial ingredient of sushi.
without it, i guess, our sushi making would be a disaster !!!!
it made the whole process so much easier !!

cos we have no idea how much vinegar or sakae to put !!
so glad that JieJie found this (by accident), ahhahahs!

and so we started playing making the sushi !

.Sushi Making in Process.

no pictures.
i didnt want to dirty the camera.

and finally,

our 軍艦 !
ooooh. JieJie did all these. i wasnt that advanterous to do GunKan.

wo bi jiao traditional.. so i did the 巻物 !

Maki much easier i would say..
all you need is to put the desired ingredients..
then roll using the bamboo !

Proudly presenting my Maki !

and JieJie complained that i have no creativity.. =(
fine ! so i did Maki (again), but without the seaweed outside !

and it turned our very pretty !!

oooh well, JieJie say they dont look appealing. really that ugly meh ?!
btw, the Tamago is done by JieJie.

and our main dish for the day !!

JieJie is damn proud of this.

even mummy also say it is the nicest, partly because she likes sotong also.
anyway, seriously, i think it's the nicest of all the sushi that we made.. ahahhas!

and it is damn huge can !!!

her de yi zuo ping !
Sotong with stuffed rice.

oooh. if you realised, i actually boiled potatoes.

wanted to do potato salad, but i didnt have the energy to do it. ahhahahs!
after so much of the sushi making chaos..

oooh ! and and, credits to daddy for cutting the sushi ! xiexie ^^
ahhahahs! he came back from work, cannot tarhan that we made a mess in the kitchen.
and i made him cut the sushi, so that he is "involved" in making the mess ! =X

till then !

ciao !

♥ Dodo missed you at 4:21 PM.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

June Puzzle Quest !

o7 june 2o1o

so we are supposed to collect 12 correct pieces..
in order to join them up to have the puzzle completed.

o.o the dumb thing is you have to click them in chronological order..
the puzzle pieces wont combine if you randomly click them.
so, after combining 1 with 2, 1+2 with 3, 1+2+3 with 4 etc etc..
you will get your completed Full Puzzle !

and since the magical scroll is not available in the Mall, the only usage of the Full Puzzle..
is to view it like some Art Exhibition Gallery.

The Game Is Getting Very Boring.
As Boring As Ever !

♥ Dodo missed you at 4:12 PM.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Shopping Spree !

so it all start with buying a Manicure for Dodo.. ... ...

initially i was choosing between Hearty nails & Gorgeous nails.
taki happened to be online, so both of us were in the room.

just when i was about to get Gorgeous nails, taki said it was too red.
i thought ang ang good mah.. think think, choose choose.. matched with my outfits..

and finally, i managed to settle with Dazzling nails !!
cos black nails are loved !

i got the permanant one, 500rcoins (=
ok.. and this nails alone spent me 1.5+hours..
dumb. yeah. quite actually..

and in the meanwhile, taki got herself her foggare already !!!
i haven even buy my manicure, taki already "TaDA !!! my new outfit !!"
damn fast! very shuang kuai.

i think only me damn niao..
must wait for dodo to move, see the nail, rotate here rotate there..
choose chooooosee choooooooooooseeee.
ok. i bought it in the end ok !!!!

hmmm. always wanted to get another ouftit..
thinking of getting a Bboy one.. if not Chic one.

then again, choose for damn long..
i finally settled for my Bboy one.. with a slight twist, cos the sneakers is with heels !
Loved !

oooh. all permanent, total 6700rcoins. =X
was contemplating if i should get it actually.. scared later too common.
so i asked taki for comments..

and her reaction was.. "i think Mi_Mi_ got that look also.."
dodo saddened.

initially i was so-so only, maybe still can get since i dont really know her..
but the fatal comment that made me not get that attire was, "she everytime find ppl quarrel one.." gawd ! immediately, i was like "shyt ! no way i am getting that liao.."

sigh, managed to convince myself to choose another attire..
and i finally got something, chic-and-casual-and-looks-common-but-surprisingly-no-one-has-the-look outfit !!

ok. thats a damn long name.
lets just call it casual outfit ! hee.

Hair: Sakura 2100rcoins
Top: Sunglasses 1000rcoins
Bottom: (Already gotten last time)
Sneakers: HiTea Momocha 1000rcoins
Total damage: 4100rcoins !

Happy Happy !!!
has been eyeing for Sakura hairstyle.. but i cant find any to match with it..
plus i always wanted a Bboy outfit.. but since cant Bboy now.. at least i have my Sakura !!

and that took me 4hrs ++ ....?
ok. i was choosing the colour of Sakura.
cant decide if i should change the colour of the hat or the hair..

hmmm. the main factor that made me chose Sakura (Hat)..
cos the Sakura (Hair) one.. hair details not as nice as Sakura (Hat).
Sakura (Hat) hair details are sharper and more defined.
serious !! you can try !! even you make Sakura (Hair) the same colour as Sakura (Hat), the hair details not as pretty !! =X

and now, after choosing Sakura (Hat), what colour of the hat?
blah blah.
and i finally settle with 168 liver red.. same as my sneakers colour (=

Done !
now you know why i took 4hrs +++ choosing one outfit le ba.
but its the process of buying that makes shopping fun !! (=

anyway, i managed to clear some of my quest.. so i activated the Dumpling quest that was left in my bag.. i kind of like this quest. cos can keep doing and doing... until you complete 11 dumplings, then the final one, you just choose the String to tie them all up.. instead of the usual quests, whereby you need to take the quest daily, wait till tomorrow, blah blah. at least this is own time own target (=

now dodo need not starve to death le !
she has 3 mooncakes, 11 dumplings ! =D

ooooh !!
and i have something to say !!

taki's really an impulsive buyer.. NO NEED TO THINK !!
she was telling me she is still eyeing on Sakura hairstyle..

so i was asking her how much is she left with.. blahblah.. if she has any outfit to go with the hairstyle.. blahblah..

just when i was typing.. and in less than 1 min, she replied, "i buy already."
ahhahahhas! Omg can !!! sigh.. if i were to be so shuang kuai !! =(
*envy* oh well, not my style of doing things.. ahhahahs!

Taki & Dodo's new outfits,

Lesson to be Learnt:
anyway, it is not very wise to put taki and dodo in a room all alone..
damn evil influence.. both of us spent our hard saved rcoins.. just in one day !!!!
argh !!

what's worse. it all started with a 500rcoins Manicure !!!!

but i enjoyed my shopping spree.
and hopefully taki enjoyed herself too.. and not blame me for making her spend so much =X

Till then (=

♥ Dodo missed you at 11:37 PM.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Family Members

hmm.. not all of them actually.
but all of them happened to be in my family.

mass upload.. so i didnt do much editing..
still working on some other ss..

anyway, they look nice enough, no need to do much editing =D
ok.. ... i am lazy to edit them !

changed to something white.
cos i didnt want to look extra in the ss .

hee.. below a few. eh. not much difference..
but JesJes kep changing her hair.. so i just took them anyway (=

and they wanted to take it with the moon..
most probably due to their position or height or angle.. dwlqn say he cant take the ss..
if not will see my panties =(

i managed to take with the moon !
but my hair was covering dwlqn's face =(

Presenting to you..

First Row: Elaine, Dodo, NoobJeS
Second Row: Qiya, ChunChun

Loved !

♥ Dodo missed you at 11:10 PM.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


tidying my holiday photos..
i specially took this hor !!
anyway, its the Hotel's Lobby Lounge name.
maybe STEPS should consider changing into another industry..
till then.

♥ Dodo missed you at 1:40 PM.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wrong Mood. Wrong Time. Wrong Game.

*dust off the accumulated dust away*
ah-choo. ahem. excuse me.

back (=

wanted to start blogging.. but i always have itchy fingers..
i shouldnt have done it.
now it got me affected..
yes. shyt. it still affects me.
shall blog slowly.. and hopefully i will get over it..

actually i am kind of proud of myself that i finally had the self discipline and not logging in game for the past 2.5 months.
oh well. partly with the kind help of the exciting game, that i dont see a point logging in anyway.

of course, i forgone the monthly quests.. hmm. i supposed one is the blinkified of the Magic Wand.. and some cake making collection and the other month is some dumpling making..? correct me if i am wrong. cos i have some random boxes lying in my bag.. all incomplete. nah, they aint that important. used to, but not anymore.

anyway, nothing much to blog about.. hmm. perhaps there's a few stuffs. tried to backtrack the ss that i took from 28march till date. trying to recall what i did.. kind of easy to recall.. since i have not been logging in much. maybe just a few special occasions.

as usual, image heavy.

so give it some time to load (=

29 march 2o1o

featuring.. the white angels with their Mad Cows (=

alittle dejavu somehow.. ahhhh !

i miss those days.. where we all get together..

blah blah.

o1 april 2o1o

so.. its april fool !

didnt intend to log in initially..

but i was at fb.. and players were spamming the wall.. saying that they didnt get the bear they wanted.. and they got some crappy title.. demanding the gM to solve the bug.. blah blah.

not knowing what was going on, i decided to log in to see what was actually happening.

dance a round and got my quest..

Clumsy Bear I

Yupx. it was rather do-able. so i managed to complete the quest..

and the box was in purple !! -loved-
opened the box.. and i could choose either TeddyBear or MysteriousTitle.

of course, i chose the TeddyBear ! ^^

and to my horror, upon clicking the TeddyBear option, my TeddyBear was gone !

it activated another quest !!! =(
damn sad can...!

immediately i went to pm gM..
the gM was nice to reply me, although it took quite some time for him/her to respond.
after explaining my situation.. gM went MIA.
PUI ! sucky idiots.

so i was left there to save myself.
oh well.. so i did the quest.. and i chose the TeddyBear option again..

and i got my TeddyBear !! =D

after the whole commotion.. i think it meant to be an April Fool prank..?

so, oh well. forgive gM for MIA-ing. he/she cant possibly tell me "it's a April Fool prank quest you idiot! just complete the 2nd quest and you will get your bear la !" ok.. so gM is forgiven.

pictures of the Teddy Bear title.. and my hand held Teddy Bear ^^
ohhh.. and JesJes got some very chim title =.=

of course.. a picture with my beloved ! (=

JesJes Me and Beloved&Nightz (=
all of us managed to get our TeddyBears !! ^^

hee.. zi lian abit.
a picture of my TeddyBear.

of course.. whenever there is new quest or stuffs, mr.w would always be the 1st person that i would think of.

so i managed to log in and got hold of the little cutie pie for him ((=

o4 april 2o1o

ahahhahs! a room filled with Teddy Bears !!! =D

i didnt want to let tuzi and beloved kiss =(
so i stood in the middle.. ...

trying my very best to disrupt their "activity" ..

05 april 2o1o

taki was playing with coupons again..
and i got spammed with fireworks and lollipops and heartsticks !!! =D

o7 april 2010

and the Biggest Crappiest thing that can ever happen.
Data Rollback.

No backup.
This is something that i cant accept. Never. Ever.
How could you not backup your data??
That is the most basic knowledge your IT team should have.

There goes our TeddyBears.
我心痛... 因为 mr.w bearbear 也没有了.

Apparently.. whatever that had happened 2 weeks ago.. did not happen before.

Submission of Data Lost Report by Players was closed on 26 april 2010.
Today is 2 june 2010.
HA ! Good job.
Oh well, i was not expecting much from them anyway.

11 april 2o1o


Tuzi Elaine Dodo

24 april 2o1o

Congratuations to KeNt_88 and NoobJeS (=

and they held their wedding ceremony at the Couple Dance Hall..

Qiya eagerly marrying off his mui !

taking our group photo with the newly wed !
oops. ok, i was trying to snatch the limelight..

a nice and proper one..
pretty pretty one of course ! (=

fireworks to celebrate the happy occasion !

post wedding activity..
hmmm. i cant remember what were we doing actually..

and of course..
not forgetting..

Dodo got herself officially married to Tuzi
Finally !! after.. 1year plus plus of paktoring..

aiya. the wordings too small.
heck. i dont want to re-upload the ss..
later the alignments for the post will all go haywire.
and i will definitely go nuts !

anyway, the main idea that is i am happily married to my lovely Tuzi.
who cares about the small wordings..

so i shall..
Presenting you my Lovely Pretty Bride ! ((=

i saw you logging in.. is it you..? =(

o1 may 2o1o

exam preparation destress activity..


16 may 2o1o

and so Dodo officially left Evil 世界

no hard feelings..
just that i finally plucked up the courge to click it.

currently still clubless.. and i am happy with the status.

several occasions that i wanted to click.. but i just didnt dare to.
1. had been wanting to leave the club ever since mr.w left. i didnt want to stay there.. but somehow or rather, i knew i still have my lovely babes.. whom will always be there for me, so i stayed on.
2. beloved left, tuzi left. i started to not talk much in club. there was no one to talk to anyway. but i stayed on.. because i didnt want to leave carcar alone.

3. for some reasons, that childish elaine is back. damnit, but fine. mrs told me to give her face. so i gave her and stayed on.
4. supposed to leave after the chalet, cos i simply couldnt tolerate the nonsense the club was creating. but the big commotion came, and i postponed my idea of quitting, beacause i didnt want to worsen matter.
5. went on a mini hiatus for my exams.. a little angel whispered at my ear. so i logged in. and yes, just as what the little angel told me. shocked is the word. shall not point fingers to say who invited them back. but my tolerance level maxed when i saw that chicken back. sorry, i am leaving. no matter how big your face is this time, i am not going to give in. and i stand firm at my decision this time.

31 may 2o1o

it is very childish of you to complain to ice..
because he knows nuts about all these !

and for ice who knows nuts about all these..
it is very blood boiling that you do not have a bloody mind of your own..
and you simply accept whatever people tells you.

o1 june 2o1o

and i left my family..

hmm. nothing much of an issue actually. since there is no one inside.
only ice and me.

oooh, no. used to be 4 people.
beacuse ice freaking invited unknown strangers into my family !
initially i thought it was friends of his, but when i asked him who they were, he told me he have no idea. simply invited both of them cos they were couple =.=

and i am glad that the Data Rolled back.. and Data was lost !
so i didnt have unknown strangers in my family !

and i went to a whole new family..

and of course, with familiar faces.. ((=

o2 june 2o1o

new June quest..

supposed to join 12 puzzles to form the picture as above..
i got them all wrong. =(

i think at the end of the 12 correct puzzles PLUS a unknown magic scroll..
we will get the bunny wand.. as shown in the puzzle i suppose.

and new announcements from Cubizone..

i literally LOL-ed when i saw that the forum needs maintenance.
yah.. indeed, it does need some maintenance..

hopefully this 12hours + 12hours of maintenance.. they are able to keep it in a maintained form. not pinning any high hopes on patches anyway, so might as well. do a good job.

and i took 3.5hours to write up this blog.
tsk !

Ciao !

♥ Dodo missed you at 2:18 PM.

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