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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sprinkles of Random Thoughts.

o8 Nov 2o1o

Yayyy !!
&happy birthday to myself !!

so i deserve to buy myself new clothings !!
since i just realised a few days ago that i had some leftover cubits in my account !!
hmmm.. ok, probably an excuse for me to shop.
whatever eh. i need to finish the rcoins mahh

anyway, shopping timeeee !! (:
wanted to get a dress leh.. so can 2-in-1, save money also.
but.. hmm, i also forgot why i didnt get yuyuan.. LOls.
aiya, heck. i am happy with my buyssss !!

starting off with the hair..

super must get !! thats the first thing i settled on !!
later i shall show you the reason xD

done with the head..
so proceeding to the body..

sooo soooo feminine !!
damn girly laaaa.. @@
so not my style.. but i got it anyway.
must learn to be demure.. talk gently..
ahahhahs, wth !

hmm, then followed by the bottom.
initially i wanted to just stay put with the pink skirt that i currently have..
but that leggings part.. dont really look nice with heels..
tried wearing it with the boots.. like dont match with the top..

aiya.. so, calculate calculate rcoins again..
&tadaaa !!

& i got the polka dots panties skirt !!!
cheapest skirt that i can afford le. lols, sorry la.
on a budget shopping spree..

not forgetting to elongate the smexy lonngggg legggssss..

yeaps, heels !
i paired the outfit with heels..
&they always do the trick.. ahahhahs!


Summer Love Hair 23oo

Silver Gauze 29oo

Jelly Barbie 75o

Summer Love Heels 18oo

Total Damage: 775o rcoins !

*drum rolls*

thats meeeee !!
meeeee, ok !!

so purpleee..
so girlyyyy..
i likeeeeyyyy, ahahahahs !!

&the reason why i said the hair was the Must-Get..

the ribbooonnnn is lovveeedddd !!
so chic !! so cuteeee !!

&black hair, cos its one of the best that makes the ribbon stands out?
hmm.. thats what i "figured out" in my mind la.. cos in the mall, i cant really rotate till an angle such that i see the ribbon clearly..

wheeee ~~
& i redeemed my pink bunny bag too!!

because i was chatting with carcar and jes..
telling them i haven redeem my bunny because its only 365days..
hmm, their reaction was "redeem !! 365days is 1year?! &one year later, dont even know if we are still playing this game.. dont even know if this game manage to survive.."

then i think think.. hmm, with all the "notorious" reputations of the game..
quite true also. 1year later, dior will be 1years old too.
would we even be still playing this game... ...?

yeaps, so i redeemed it, with no regrets (:

o9 Nov 2o1o

because bunnie and dodo are deeply in loveeeeee (:
lols !

10 Nov 2o1o

hmmm, as usual..
clearing my daily quest.. collecting medals.. blahblah.
oooh, and takiee is on a shopping spree again !

Triplets ! (:

hmmm, and takie logged out.
bunnie says she doesnt have school tomorrow, is it?
or was she not sleepy?
alamak. cant remember.
memory of a goldfish.

anyway, not important..
we stayed up till 3am..
doing silly stuffs.

seriously.. DAMN DIFFICULT CAN??!
we took turns and kisskisskiss..
feng diao !!

bunnie do..
i do..
bunnie try again..
i try again..
LOls !

after much attempts.. bunnie finally gave up !
&we both realised how difficult this is to position ourselves nicely..

because from all the ss that bunnie took with the rest, it was the rest that did the positioning.. bunnie just stood there and pose.
&the one and only ss that i took with beloved, i just stood there and pose.. and beloved did the positioning.. she was damn fast ! within a few minutes, done !

so when you put two blurr ones, who only knows how to pose, together..
you will get disaster !!

&another, still quite okok ss.

*phew !

hmm, and i realised that bunnie's bag was yellow @@
&bunnie was complaining that boon was laughing at her bag, telling her how ugly hers was.
TSK, wth can.

so i redeemed my 2nd bunnie bag..

and gave it to bunnie !!
so that she can have her fav pink bunnie bag (:

13 Nov 2o1o

oooh, &i played with coupons again.
since i am left with 250rcoins?
heh, coupons luck !

&i managed to combine them.. like finally !!!

14 Nov 2o1o

Happy Birthday my dearest Beloved Elaine !!!
I love you !!!!

As days go by.. i realised that i am falling soooo deeplyyy in loveeee with youuuuu !!!
Lols. ok, cut the crap.

Beloved knows how much i love her can already xP

carcar was trying to twin up the outfit with me..
& i was like "@@ huh. my items v limited?? ive only like.. 3sets?"
so i showhand-ed all my hair..

her bag is like doremon's.
&she really has the hair !

Peeek-tureee with the birthday girl !!
*muacccksss !

ooooh, &i gave the choco to beloved, as her birthday gift?
lols, anyway i dont need it what.
Put in my bag also no one to give...
&just happened that nightz logged in..
super rare to see him online during the night..

& this little wenyi is up to mischief again !!

&not forgetting his ultra sonic fireball *booomz !
that lagged bunnie's com &caused a major earthquake to the room -.-

and a candyfloss for my wenjing

15 Nov 2o1o

finally managed to catch beloved onlineeeee !!!!
yeaps.. had been quite some time since i last saw her..
i log in, she log out.
she log out, i log in.

we have a rare guest in club today !
foxy logged in !!
seriously damn long never see him le..

&i finally fed linlin candyflossssss !!
wheeeeeeeee ~~

oooh, &west logged in.
hmm, no. he was already in game when i logged in.

&he gave me 2 darkness medal thingy..
so just nice, i managed to get 9 ~

&i got it in pink again!
asked him if he wants the bunny bag.. the one i am carrying..
oh well, so i gave it to west.

eh, i seriously think..
the pink bunnie bag.. cute whattt..
no meh ??

then he dont want to carry the bunnie bag le..
he say he wear already not man enough..

last but not least,

goodie nights !

♥ Dodo missed you at 1:32 AM.

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